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National Wrecking Company


The National Wrecking Company gathered around singer songwriter, Lars Din in the early 90s in West Philly. The band featured Mike Watson on mandolin and electric guitar, Gordon Rice on bass, Cheshire Agusta (Stinking Lizaveta )  on drums, and Glendon Jones on fiddle. We played every Sunday for several years at Cafe Cairos, 40th & Baltimore Ave., Philly and Fridays at Sine Cafe in Manhattan. Performances often lasted until the wee hours if not all night and included many roving sit-in musicians. We loved and hated each other in equal measures. Describing music I’m involved with is a job I normally leave to others but I’ll make an exception. The National Wrecking Company created and clung for dear life to our own form of post Dylan urban swamp pop chaos. Lars wrote a good lyric and constructed some decent melodies we could throw our axes at.
– Cheshire Agusta
01 – Sally Shroud of Manes
02 – Kuduz
03 – Hamburger Passion
04 – Gillateen
05 – Screaming
06 – Serial Killer
07 – Roberts
08 – Blues Walking
09 – Consider Yourself

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Flyer JC Dobbs
Kavune was Roman Luba (Guitar, Organ, Vocals) / Marko Andryczyk (Guitar, Organ, Vocals) / Dave Skema (or Carlos Bravo) (Bass) / Christian Hayes (Drums)
I’ve collected 4 different recordings for this post:
1st up Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from 3/15/96
2nd Live from JC Dobbs opening for Mad Scene and Epic Soundtracks.
3rd the 2 song cassette and
4th their part of the Rock Bridge cd which is a split with Mācītājs On Acid

For a description I’m going to steal an article by Neil Gladstone (I assume from City Paper) It is a dark and breezy summer night around 4 am.
You’re driving in a pick-up truck somewhere in Ohio or maybe its Indiana already you’re not sure because the empty road you’re on has more convenience stores than highway signs. The tape you’re listening to is Kavune’s new ep, Sobaka. Your friend who recommended it sleeps in the passenger seat. The ticking of the hi-hat seems to fall in step with the steady pistons and the melody lines hum through the warm dashboard.Your eyes strain to stay in focus and you can feel adrenalin ebb and flow in your neck. The rhythm guitar in “Sat.”buzzes, chops and strums like roughshot Rolling Stones outtake. The voice is intimate and resigned. A raspy lead calls to mind the psychedelic, country riffs of the Byrds and Roky Erickson. “Shep Song” and “Venera” wash bleary memories and nightmares out of your head and into the rear view mirror. Kavune’s band members live in Philly and New York for most of the year, but often return to Ukraine, their parent’s homeland. That culture’s influence is undeniable. Kavune means “watermelon” in Ukrainian. The band often covers traditional folk songs and sings occasionally in the Eastern European language.

Live on WKDU – March 15, 1996

00 – Intro
01 – Shep Song
02 – Confetti Lake
03 – Dog 500
04 – Lady
05 – Venera
06 – Julia
07 – Trust
08 – Cloud Cloud Thundercloud/Sat
09 – Bonsall
10 – Splatter
11 – Savior
12 – Wells
13 – Tsyhanochka (Gypsy Woman)
14 – The Crest
15 – Outro
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Live from JC Dobbs with Mad Scene & Epic Soundtracks

01 – All The Way
02 – Venera
03 – Shep Song
04 – SAT
05 – Wells
06 – Kavune Theme Song

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This was still when Carlos Bravo played bass for us. And he sings the first song while our studio producer Trevor Bajus plays guitar and I (Marko) play (!) sax for that song. On the last song, the ‘vkakuvstavtsi’ chorus (the ‘stepped in shit’ chorus) seems to feature Mark Halaway, among others.

n1rc cover 2 song tape

01 – Cloud Cloud Thundercloud / 60ers
02 – Dog 500
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Rock Bridge

(split with Mācītājs On Acid) – Rock Bridge cd

01 – Sat
02 – Trust
03 – Confetti Lake
04 – Venera
05 – Wells
06 – Lady
07 – Splatter
08 – Shep Song
09 – Tsyhanochka (Gypsy Woman)
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Vick Logic- Live on WKDU 12-16-1994

Vick Logic Cover

Vick Logic Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from December 1994. They were Marc Beck (Crankcase, Revelogic, Ken, etc) on Vocals, Guitar, extras / Jeff Warner (Strapping Field Hands, Crankcase, Amazing Thrill Show) on Bass & Percussion / Mikey Ritz on Guitar.  They were on the WKDU’s Scrapple 7″ box set.  The first song got cut off and the 2nd starts into the song. There was also an interview with Marina  after they played.
Enjoy the low-fi songs of yearning .

00 – intro
01 – unknown(cutoff)
02 – Animal High
03 – Weird Bird And The Preacherman
04 – Girl Crush
05 – Cranberry Wine
06 – Dorchester
07 – Shangri-Lall
08 – Library Card
09 – More Than Just Ice Cream
10 – Electric Farmer
11 – Outro

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Illegitimate Sons & Daughters – Live on WKDU

Illegitimate Sons & Daughters live on Marina’s WKDU show April, 29, 1994. Band members were Tater on vocals, fiddle, various other instruments / Shamus – Acoustic Guitar, / Cher on Mandolin / Sparkplug on bass drum / Miss Sophie on Banjo (missing that day was vocalist Miss Harriet.) Many of their alter egos, at the time, where taking care of your vhs or cheese crisp needs. As well as in many other past and present bands including Creem Circus, Wastoid, Double Penetration, Slobber Mountain Boys, Sinners, The Pine Barons, O Mighty Isis, Cactus Love & La Resistance.

01-The First One
02-Hot Corn
07-John Hardy
08-Nine Pound Hammer

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Swisher – Live on WKDU

Sara Weaver

Sara Weaver’s band Swisher Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from April 07, 1999 also including an interview with the band.
“Hey, this is pretty nifty girl pop with an edge and still enough sweets and hooks to attract your wimpier BELLE & SEBASTIAN-loving younger sibling. The vocals have an almost old KRISTIN HERSH-like quality with music that’s more UK fuzzpop than Boston art-shamble. Hell, its even got that twangy guitar thing to get your older college-rock sister jumping. Hell, this is fun for the whole hipster family! Find myself digging this despite myself. Wimpy and squeaky-clean, but the most fun I’ve had in a while.”
-Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll

Very sadly Sara died from cancer in 2002. For more info and it looks like you can still purchase Swisher’s 2 cds – Go to the Weave wbesite

02-Plankton Boy
03-Compromice This
04-Gossip Bitch
07-Face Ache
08-Crazy Train

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More Fiends – Live on WKDUi

More Fiends

I am in the process of digitizing a bunch of live on WKDU tapes from Marina – she had a lot of bands on her radio show in the 90s and mostly they have been un-shared until now. To start off  here is More Fiends live on WKDU from February 16, 1999.
I believe this is the last lineup for More Fiends (?) with  Allen Fiend = bass, Elizabeth Fiend = side guitar, Bob Fiend = guitar (currently in the Pogos), Dave Fiend = drums (ex Kitschchao, Belligerent)

02-Attack Of The Giant Squitos.mp3
04-Blind Mans Cane.mp3
06-Message Is The Same.mp3
07-Im A Believer.mp3
09-Yellow Spades.mp3
10-Pirate Song.mp3
11-Made To Propel Not to Inhale.mp3
13-Surfing the Lava Flow.mp3

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MightBreed flyer

Nightbreed consisted of Justin Kolb on bass, Todd Kinckener on guitar, Steve Faulkner on drums, John Walsh on vocals. The band were from Boyertown PA and existed for only around a year or so between 1992-1994. They organized and played a few shows at the Odd Fellows Hall in Boyertown as well as at fire halls around their hometown. In 1993 they recorded a 10-song tape at Cedric Rockgod’s Rippoff Studios which they sold on cassette at their shows. After the band split up Todd formed Generation 13, Steve joined Vomiting Leprechauns and then the Quartermanes, Justin Kolb joined Figurehead for a few years before moving to Austin Texas and can heard playing upright bass on the Jesse Dayton & Brennen Leigh “Holdin’ Our Own” CD from 2007, and sadly, John Walsh died in the mid-1990s.

Thanks for the tape files & writing the info on the band Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Distorted Society
02 – Fight Back
03 – I Don’t Believe
04 – Mental Evolution
05 – Nightbreed
06 – title unknown
07 – Mortal Anger
08 – Feedback
09 – Better Off A Memory
10 – I Want Out

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No 2 Nippy

No 2 Nippy
No 2 Nippy’s 7 inch Delicious from 1994. Mid 90’s Philly band that that I saw many times including when they opened up for Bikini Kill at a KDU band bash. The band was Kristin Hurst (drums), Jill Macdowell (guitars & vocals) & Tammy Bonn (Vocals & Bass). The side A song  One lil Dukie reminds me of one of my favorite bands of that time Babes in Toyland.  Tiny Thumbs is more of a noisy pop song with the 2nd song going back towards the style of the side A song.

A – One lil Dukie
B1 – Tiny Thumbs
B2 – Candy

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Teen Angel Hearts

Expo 67

Teen Angel Hearts were Patrick Rands and Wendy who were from Needham Massachusetts. In 1993 both of them came to Pennsylvania to go to college. Patrick went to Albright College in Reading and Wendy went to Bryn Mawr College. Along with Caleb Smith (Little Things Break) who was going to Albright as well together the three of them formed a band called Driver UFO (with a drummer named Kurt). Driver UFO released three 7 inchers and a mini-LP in 1993-1994. As I was making this post I noticed that they had this tape up on bandcamp so you can check it out there.

Expo 67 (1995)


Toni Farina took this photo. I think from the God Bullies show

Subtle, Like a brick through your window

I was good friends with the most of the members of Rotgut from before they started, which included 3 KDU DJs and 2 former roommates. I most have seen them at least a dozen or so times  and always had a good time. There is something about seeing bands that you are friends with that just makes it so much better.  It also doesn’t hurt that they played on the same bills will some great bands Alice Donut, God Bullies, Didjits, Blue, Immaculate Hearts just to name a few (see the flyers slideshow below)  I like Bill’s description of Rotgut being  of a cross between Angry Samoans and Black Flag. But judging by the varying descriptions in the  Rotgut Press Release you may have to make up your own mind on which bands to compare  them to. The Press release has lots of 7″ &  show reviews plus an FOE interview. The Original Lineup was Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rear Admiral) – Vocals, Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) – Guitars/Vocals, Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals (Stinkbomben), Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals (Futile Effort, Pulaski Skyway Kids, The Menegels), “sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums (Stinkbomben) . Before Greg, Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey was on bass. Later, Frank Campbell (Electric Love Muffin, Cave Canem) replaced Frank on Drums. Dan Mys replaced Stan Kemp on Guitar.
They released on 7″ called Peace Love and Sammy and were on the Rave Records comp Don’t Lick the Walls. Those songs as well as live on WFMU and other tracks from all the different lineups are collected here. (see the key below the collection for band and source info)  Thanks for the files, flyers etc  Bill



01 – Rotgut A / 1
02 – No Way Home A / 1
03 – Smash TV A / 2
04 – Hellbent A / 2
05 – Quit The World A / 2
06 – Kill Your Boss A / 3
07 – Awol For Life A / 2
08 – White Castle Sunrise A / 2
09 – Trigger Happy B / 4
10 – Drink Yourself To Death B / 4
11 – Catfight B / 4
12 – Fun and Games Attitude B / 4
13 – Everyone’s An Asshole C / 5
14 – Lap of Luxury C / 5
15 – Stiff Neck A / 2
16 – Gas Chamber A / 2
17 – Steak Knife A / 2
18 – Wasted C / 5
19 – King Richard C / 5
20 – Whiskey Brawl C / 6
21 – Rat Fucker C / 6
22 – Drive Thru C / 6
23 – Mr Soundman C / 6
24 – Kill Your Boss (alt) C / 5
25 – Quit the World (alt) D / 7
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A. Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi – Vocals
Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude – Guitars/Vocals
Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals
Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals
“Sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums
B. Frank Campbell – Drums (replacing Frank Giraffe)
C. Dan Mys – Guitar (replacing Stan Kemp)
D. Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey – Bass (pre Greg Licht)

1. 7″ Potty Queen Records Produced by David Lowe March 1990 Released June 1990
2. Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program
3. Please Don’t Lick the Walls – Produced by David Lowe – December 1990 – February 1991
4. Demo recorded at Rave Records Summer 1991
5. Demo recorded at Temple Fall 1991
6. Demo recorded by Art Difuria Fall 1992
7. First Practice July 1989 – Ken Hinchey’s house Penndel, PA

Rot Gut @ The Trocadero 4 11 92

Songs: No Way Home & Fun And Games Attitude

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