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Pass The Elixer Compilation

Tape cover

Pass the Elixer cassette tape comp put out by Freedom is Cancer Zine in 1987
Description of the comp:
Like a lot of people in the 1980s me and some of my friends made a fanzine. From 1985 until 1987 we printed 10 issues. For issue 9 we made a compilation tape with 90 minutes of solid Punk. Back then, because of different influences and ideas there was a diversity of sounds. And while all these bands are rooted in Punk none of them sound the same. We made our band choices to emphasize that diversity. The most well known band here is Disorder and the most obscure is P.K.G. from Torrence California who only recorded one 5-song demo before exiting. Each band has a full page in the zine. Sound quality is very good.

Part One

01 – Intro
02 – Follow Fashion Monkeys – What About Tomorrow
03 – Follow Fashion Monkeys – No Direction
04 – Follow Fashion Monkeys – Rock N Roll Singer [ACDC]
05 – Barn Av Regnbuen – Penga- Profitt Og Kapital
06 – Barn Av Regnbuen – Folk Uten Framtid
07 – Napred U Proslost – Ne Veruj Mršavom Slonu I Brzom Pužu
08 – Napred U Proslost – Nekrštena Pesma
09 – Napred U Proslost – Bajonet
10 – More Fiends – Wild West Philly
11 – More Fiends – Vinyl Grind
12 – More Fiends – Mad at Everyone
13 – Disorder – Remberance Day
14 – Disorder – Love and Flowers
15 – Disorder – Maternal Obsession
16 – Disorder – Life
17 – Patareni – Obrij Me Majko Motornom Pilom
18 – Patareni – Dio Mase
19 – Patareni – Johnny Be Fuzz

Part Two

01 – Quod Massacre – Nasa Kri
02 – Quod Massacre – Zvecer
03 – Quod Massacre – Vasa Generacija
04 – Anthrophobia – Surface Noise
05 – Anthrophobia – Flashbacks
06 – Anthrophobia – Good Ideas
07 – Misanthropic Charity – Intro Lust
08 – Misanthropic Charity – Montebello
09 – Misanthropic Charity – But Life Changed You
10 – P.K.G. – Summer Poison
11 – P.K.G. – Cracks
12 – P.K.G. – All She Wrote
13 – Benton & the Bentonites – the Chop
14 – Benton & the Bentonites – Knightmare
15 – Benton & the Bentonites – Dean Took a Header
16 – President Fetch – Blasphemy
17 – President Fetch – Whats the Matter Cowardy
18 – President Fetch – Pregant Skeleton
19 – President Fetch – Bestial
20 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Pass the Elixer Booklet

Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

Philly Hardcore 1981-1986 Part 2

More Fiends

This post was originally on Noise Addiction blog – I have re-posted it (with a few changes) – Check out more Noise Addiction posts at Noise Addiction 2

Kremlin Korps were around for about 1 years – 1983-1984 – and released one 7″ ep in that time. When they split 3 members formed Homo Picnic. The More Fiends were a very unique sounding band that started in 1985. They released two albums, are the only Philly band to record a John Peel Session and one of the few Philly bands to tour Europe. This early live show is with the original line up  – guitar/slide guitar/drums/sax – and they have a more No Wave sound which is much different than the more Punky sound they are known for. This line up never released anything but apparently they did record some demos. Ruin need no intro. They were the best band to ever come out of Philly. On this show they played for almost 90 straight minutes. Seeds Of Terror existed from 1982 to 1984 and only had two songs on the Get Off My Back Philly Hardcore comp. though they did record a full albums worth of stuff. All I have is this one song which is about the Philly DJ Lee Paris.

Sadistic Exploits post here

Kremlin Korps – C.E. Center, Philadelphia 3-31-84 [from cassette tape]
01. Whiplash
02. Culture Shock
03. Warsaw
04. Let Me Die
05. Moscow’s Revenge
06. Mental Block
07. Friday’s Song
08. -tune-up time-
09. Hollow Head, Hollow Eyes
10. Burning Bridges
11. Abyss
12. title unknown
13. Knife in Your Back
MediaFire Zip of all files

Kremlin Korps – Longmarch 5/17/84 (Crunch Productions video)

More Fiends – St Marys, Philadelphia 12-27-85 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Lust
06. title unknown
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. Relative Morality
12. Big Tea Party
13. title unknown
14. You’re Stupid
MediaFire Zip of all files

Ruin – The Loft, Reading PA 4-27-85 part 1 [from cassette tape]
01. Ruin
02. Dionysian
03. title unknown
04. Great Divide
05. By The By
06. Taster
07. Make Believe
08. Where Fortune
09. Altar
10. Famous Blue Raincoat
11. Master Song
12. Laudium-He Ho
13. China
14. Freedom Has No Bounds

Ruin – The Loft, Reading PA 4-27-85 part 2 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Proof
03. Play With Fire
04. White Rabbit
05. Rule Worshiper
06. Alarm
07. Life After Life
08. Love Dog
09. Phenomenal Expression
10. Twilight
11. Baby Doll
12. title unknown
13. title unknown
14. title unknown
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Seeds Of Terror – Demo (1983) [from cassette tape]
01. We Hate Lee Paris

Seeds of Terror Seeds of Terror

Photos from Brett (Noise Addiction II)

More Fiends

More Fiends

More Fiends sound is hard to describe. Here’s an attempt to describe them from the Sounds magazine (London):
An explosion of vivid colours both in looks and personalities, More Fiends prove to be illuminating musically too. With superfuzz thrash, disoriented voodoo rhythm and gloriously camp vocal extremities, they have come up with one far out wild party. The powerful effect of the Fiends’ multi-ingredient homebrew is a drug free buzz for quality kitsch lovers everywhere.
I know for me they expanded my musical horizons further than just the faster & louder hardcore that dominated the 80’s all ages scene (not that I didn’t like that as well)

To me they are one of the Philadelphia bands most in tune with the true spirit of punk. The idea of early Punk was bands setting out to be their own weird thing. More Fiends achieve that – they sound like no one else and you couldn’t pigeon hole them into some category (i.e. hardcore, crossover, emo & all the ridiculous labels that exist today.)

The core of the band was Elizabeth and Allen Fiend plus many other people over the years. Here are at least some of the other members: Ron Fiend, Rich Poor (Total Fucking Destruction, Brutal Truth). Bob Bludgeon, Julie, Tony, Dave Fiend (Kitschchao) & Bob Fiend.
Elizabeth for some time now has been making the amazing tv show BiG TeA PaRtY
BiG TeA PaRtY is about a funky, elegant, healthy and ecological lifestyle. Use our web site, videos, articles, recipes, projects and photos to inspire your transformation to a happier, livelier existence. Click to read our Mission.
Below I have 3 cd’s worth of More Fiends. Music From Big Tea Party (the musical backdrop to the show. – some of which I believe is solo Allen stuff), Dark Side Of Genius (Like an explosion through a maze of sound with jagged schizophrenic convulsions. The weirdest of all More Fiends music. Demented and abrasive lo-fi basement recordings. Your Mother won’t like this one! – Mostly the later Dave & Bob Fiend era) and Nibble (live recording mostly from 1992/1993 see the notes below the tracks for info on who was in the band and where it was from.) Below that I’ve collected a bunch of flyers for your viewing pleasure.

Audio files

Big Tea Party

Music From Big Tea Party
01 Big Tea Party
02 Vinyl Grind
03 Fatty Humps
04 Confusion is a Blessing
05 Lizard Tail
06 Clear to Me
07 Lust
08 Wild West Philly
09 Chew On This
10 Flash of Frustration
11 Watch Yr Back

MediaFire Zip

Dark Side Of Genius

Dark Side Of Genius

01 Attack of the Giant Squitos
02 Saboteur
03 Blind Man
04 Shock
05 Happy Bars
06 Crater Face
07 Boo Hoo Hoey
08 Lava Flow
09 Blowin’ Yer Load
10 Lentils
11 A Dark Deception

MediaFire Zip



01 The Message is the Same ★
02 Ramrod ❄
03 Made to Propel ★
04 Whipping ❽
05 White Lady Wears BoBos ★
06 Toad Lickin Intro- ❽ Song- ★
07 The 1st State ⌘
08 Denze Pack ❀
09 Dumpster ⌘
10 Piercing Question ❽
11 Feathered Serpant ★
12 Frankenstein ➢
13 Globe Contest ❄
14 Car Stereo for a Mouth ★
15 Contest Winner ❽
16 Fatty Humps Addendum ⌘
17 Head in Dumpster ★
18 Zapaitista’s Lament ◉

MediaFire Zip

 ★ House of Beats Studio (Meth 25 – Produced by John of Meth 25) with Julie and Tony (Track 14 – written by Julie)
 ❄ 40th Street Underground – Christmas Party 1993 with Tony and Bob.
 ❽ 40th Street Underground – Halloween Party 1993 with Bob and Tony
 ⌘ 4 in 1 club Delaware with Julie & Tony (Track #7 in response to Nazi Skinhead audience members)
 ❀ 1985 show with Matt & Sandy
 ➢ Bunker House Hamburg Germany (Produced by Peter from Alien Boys) with Ron & Rich
 ◉ Kauffman Kitchen Studio with Martha

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