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Scram - Stand Up

As I mentioned in my Electric Love Muffin post I don’t see anyway that I could ever see a band now as many times as I went to Scram and ELM shows. It seemed like Scram was on the bill for every all ages show in the mid to late-80’s. However, they didn’t just play all ages show they seemed to play every club in the city. One of the strangest (but amazing) shows was seeing them back up Schooly D at the Chestnut Cabaret. (Which might have been the first hip hop tours with a live backing bands- I’m not sure)
The things I’ve collected below are an early in studio recording from WXPN, their first album Stand Up and then Kingsessing Trials. The first two were Scram as a three piece with a heavy Reggae influence. By Kingsessing Trials they had added horns and additional musicians (I would put their names but I don’t actually have the cd case anymore.) Trails at times reminds me of Paul Weller’s Style Council. Also I put up some flyers at the bottom of the post. So, enjoy.
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Scram – Live on WXPN

01 – Intro
02 – Forward
03 – Our World
04 – Freedom
05 – Something To Cling To
06 – Here Tonight
07 – Fear

MediaFire Zip of all files

Scram – Stand Up

A1 – Here Tonite
A2 – Freedom
A3 – Our World
A4 – Something To Cling To
A5 – Just How Much
B1 – Stand Up
B2 – Imagine
B3 – Move A Mountain
B4 – Dont Say A Word
MediaFire Zip of all files

Scram – Kingsessing Trials

Kingsessing Trials

01-Can’t Get Over It
02-Forward- Onward
03-Whose Side You’re On
05-Piece of the Pie
06-Passing Me By
07- I 1 2 Thang Q
08-Don’t Run Away
10-Listen to Your Momma
11-Never the Same

MediaFire Zip of all files

Philly Comps- That Was Then This Is Now 7″

That Was Then This Is Now

This post is the first of three Philly compilations posts I’m going to try to get up today.

That Was Then This Is Now 7″

This 7″ from Plus Records came out in 1986 and songs by Ruin, FOD, Scram and Electric Love Muffin. If I remember right the picture on the front (see below) was of the torn down Love Hall (Hence the that was then). For 86 this was a good representation of probably the most popular bands in the Philly scene but certainly not all of them. The 7 inch came with a insert that I scanned and you can see below plus stickers which probably went on one of my old skateboards, where it stayed in pristine condition since I was not a very good skateboarder.. Here are the 4 Tracks

Ruin-By The By
Electric Love Muffin-Club Car
Scram-Something To Cling To
F.O.D.-Meat Factory

MediaFire Zip

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