Die Kreuzen shirt 

I believe this live tape is probably the last time I saw Die Kreuzen on February 08, 1992 (Thanks Marc) Here are a couple of other sites that have some more Die Kreuzen goodies: Counting Cracks & Symphony of Ghosts

UPDATE The song I didn’t know the title which is on the track with Gone Away is Continuous Dogs which was only ever studio recorded for a session they did in Seattle for a radio show. Thanks to Counting Cracks for the info.


01 Best Goodbye
02 Downtime
03 Gone Away and Continuous Dogs
04 Over And The Edge
05 Stomp
06 Deep Space_Holes
07 Counting Cracks
08 Wish_Big Bad Days
09 Shine
10 Elizabeth
11 Man In The Trees
12 All White

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