Philly industrial band akin to Test Department, Einstürzende Neubauten, Amor Fati, Missing Foundation. I’m not a big fan of labeling music but it has always bugged me that the label Industrial got taken over by all those Wax Trax bands (even though I do like some if it.) To me Industrial band means banging on metal (sometimes with power tools,) not a bunch of guys trying to look tough while playing keyboards with choreographed lighting. Sink Manhattan delivered on the banging on metal and the stage at their shows looked like a junk yard. I’ve always liked covers that sound nothing like the original and Dioxen is a good example of that.

Live Chestnut Cabaret – September 1, 1988

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Live Chestnut Cabaret January 31, 1989

Live Chestnut Cabaret

Live tape – Chestnut Cabaret
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Sink Manhattan Bleakhouse album cover

A1 – Bleakhouse
A2 – Without Ever Noticing
A3 – Dioxen
B1 – Farm
B2 – By The Hook
B3 – Chaw Pig

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