Grisly Fiction was formed in the mid 1980’s in Syracuse, NY. The band moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1988 and signed with Brooklyn based label Community 3 Records later that year. Their debut EP “Scrape Face” was released in 1989 and was well received even earning a Futures Pick designation from CMJ.  The band toured the Northeast, Midwest and parts of the South in support of the disc, playing with up and coming bands such as Slint, The Jesus Lizard and Fugazi in the process.

The band released their second Comm 3 album “C’mon Bean Juice” in 1990 and again toured the Northeast and Midwest. After releasing the “Electrolytes”/”Dear Meat” 7″ single in 1991 the band called it quits.

In 2010, on the occasion of a punk rock reunion show in Syracuse, N.Y. over Labor Day weekend, the band reconvened and prepared some new songs for the event. After a rousing return to performing live, additional shows were arranged and in August of 2011 the band recorded their latest CD “My Emotional Geometry Is Like Spider Webs“.

Grisly Fiction for this performance from Jackie’s show on WKDU was Rob Coye (Crankcase, Phantom Pilots) Gtr and Voc, Chuck Hanning (Crankcase) Drums and Voc and Roger Bodine (DTO, Underraga, Suktub, Heroics) on Bass and Voc.  (Sometime after this Jeremy took over for Chuck on drums.)
Thanks for the tape Jackie.

00 – Intro
01 – CRT
02 – Shadows
03 – Outside
04 – Kitchen Utensils
05 – Expanding
06 – Sculpt
07 – History
08 – Questions
09 – Coloures
10 – P-4
11 – Prostitution
12 – Cows
13 – Cerebral Maintenance
14 – Outro
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