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Electric Love Muffin – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Electric Love Muffin recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!) and billydee. For more billydee live tapes go here Check out the new Electric Love Muffin site. Ripley Music Hall – February 28, 1985 Electric Love Muffin were the opening act for The March Violets on this night. Houston […]

Electric Love Muffin – Live @ CEC

The Muffin live from the CEC in West Philly – A rock against hunger show with Constraint (From Leigh Valley) and Government Issue. This is the last video I have of them – As usual they put on a great show. Some time I will try to get the Constraint and GI video from this […]

Electric Love Muffin – Elk’s Lodge AC 7/26/85

Video from an Electric Love Muffin show at the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. The show was on July 26, 1985 and they were opening for Die Kreuzen and Articles of Faith. I was never at any of the Atlantic City shows but from what I’ve heard (and now watched) it looked like a good […]

The “Sons” of Electric Love Muffin

A very recent nice development has been members of bands from the 80’s getting back together and/or starting new bands. Three of them from Philly all have members from of one of my favorites Electric Love Muffin. Another fan of ELM has been releasing records by these new/old bands on Sister Raygun Records. According to […]

Electric Love Muffin

Besides Scram I don’t think there is another band that I have seen as many times (or ever will) as Electric Love Muffin. For the first two years I lived in Philly I saw them (and usually Scram) it seems like at least once a week. I think my memory might be right this time. […]


Emma was led by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Rick Henderson, who previously led Khyber regulars The Chowderheads. Rick and I first played together after being recruited by Ben Vaughn for his side project The Wipeout Gang (which also led to me playing drums on one of the early Friggs singles because of Ben’s connection to that band). In […]

Constraint (LVHC) – CEC Philadelphia Feb. 23, 1985

This is Constraint opening a show at the CEC with Electric Love Muffin & Government Issue. I know I saw Constraint either in the Leigh Valley or in Philly but I didn’t have much info on them so here’s a guest commentary by Eric from easysubculture If anyone can fill in the song titles please […]


As I mentioned in my Electric Love Muffin post I don’t see anyway that I could ever see a band now as many times as I went to Scram and ELM shows. It seemed like Scram was on the bill for every all ages show in the mid to late-80’s. However, they didn’t just play […]

Philly Comps – Get Off My Back LP

Get Off My Back is a record that I always thought about buying when I was at Record Exchange or Third Street. But I always found something new to buy instead, until one day it wasn’t around anymore. Luckly it was up on the Last Days of Man on Earth blog (Tons of good stuff […]

Cave Canem

cave canem was a Philadelphia band comprised of former members of Electric Love Muffin. Frank Campbell (drums) and Brian Campbell (Bass) The two joined forces with Kate Heim on lead vocal and Rich Cartes on lead guitar and began playing locally in March ‘91. cave canem formed in the fall of 1990 and have since […]

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