Besides Scram I don’t think there is another band that I have seen as many times (or ever will) as Electric Love Muffin. For the first two years I lived in Philly I saw them (and usually Scram) it seems like at least once a week. I think my memory might be right this time. The very first show I saw in Philly they played with NOTA – the show got broken up by the cops but then Scram was playing at another party in West Philly later so, the trend of seeing both bands started on my first night of shows in Philly. I’m not sure why but the venue that sticks out for me was seeing them at Tops which was the space above McGlinchey’s. Probably because their rules on carding where somewhat lax at the time (although I might have been straight-edge at the time so who knows.). Electric Love Muffin were always fun to see and they would throw in some great covers like Highway Star (often with guest singers), Venus and Norwegian Wood. I always thought their sound seemed influenced by Minneapolis bands like Huskers and Soul Asylum (Pre-MTV days). As far as I can tell from searching the web none of their records are currently available to buy so I’m putting them up here.
More info at Tape Wrecks site

UPDATE: All three albums are remastered and up on bandcamp now so I removed the song links below – for more go to the Electric Love Muffin site.

There are a couple of bands with members of ELM now playing out. An upcoming show has two of them Poppy & Foxy Contin March 13 2020 with DJ Major Luke at Kung Fu Necktie

Brian is in two current bands Poppy with Kate Campbell (Guitar & Vocals) & Craig Heim from Scram (Drums) & Brian Campbell (Bass & some vocals) Check out their new album at bandcamp. & Mt Vengeance which is Rich Fravel (Uptown Bones, Ashtabula, Latimer) – guitars and vocals & Brian Campbell – bass & Nick Santore – drums

Foxy Contin is Rich Kaufmann- Guitar plus Vox & Michael Stifel- Bass plus Vox
& Ravine Vaneer- Guitar plus Vox & Michael Barndt- Drums minus Vox

Playdooh Meathook

Produced and Arranged by The Electric Love Muffin
Recorded at Spectrum Studios, October 1985
Originally released in 1987
Remastered in 2022 by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service



Produced by Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo & The Electric Love Muffin
Recorded at Studio 4, Philadelphia in 1988
Originally released in 1989

15 – 44 Ways [cd only bonus track]
16 – Hound Dog [cd only bonus track]
17 – Revolution #9 [cd only bonus track]

Second Third time Around

Second Third time Around

Produced by The Electric Love Muffin & Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo & Originally released in 1990
Remastered in 2022 by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service