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Latimer – Demo Tape

Latimer was a fixture on the local scene in the mid-1990s, thanks to frequent live shows and tape, 7 inch releases plus later a pair of memorable albums on the World Domination record label.The band — which at various times included singer/guitarist Geoff Doring (who sadly passed away in 2005) – bassist Dylan Cotton – […]


Emma was led by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Rick Henderson, who previously led Khyber regulars The Chowderheads. Rick and I first played together after being recruited by Ben Vaughn for his side project The Wipeout Gang (which also led to me playing drums on one of the early Friggs singles because of Ben’s connection to that band). In […]

The “Sons” of Electric Love Muffin

A very recent nice development has been members of bands from the 80’s getting back together and/or starting new bands. Three of them from Philly all have members from of one of my favorites Electric Love Muffin. Another fan of ELM has been releasing records by these new/old bands on Sister Raygun Records. According to […]

Uptown Bones

Heritage Plaza – Philly Soul Punk ep 7 song side project by Uptown Bones guitarist Andy Clees – Continuing the Bones sound with an additional bluesy stones feel. 01 – Squatters-Pie 02 – Redeem the Day 03 – Heritage Plaza 04 – Morning Song 05 -at12th n Ridge n Spring Garden – On the Avenue […]

Electric Love Muffin

Besides Scram I don’t think there is another band that I have seen as many times (or ever will) as Electric Love Muffin. For the first two years I lived in Philly I saw them (and usually Scram) it seems like at least once a week. I think my memory might be right this time. […]

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