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Toxic Reason – CEC Philadelphia 4/13/84

Toxic Reasons from CEC on 4/13/84
Toxic Reasons live from the CE Center in West Philadelphia. Opening up for Charged GBH along with COC & YDI. They played a mix of songs of their first album Independence and their 2nd album Kill By Remote Control.
Thanks Crunch Productions for the tape

Audio files

01 – AM
02 – Mercernary
03 – Destroyer
04 – Stuck In A Rut
05 – War Hero
06 – Drunk And Disorderly
07 – White Noise
08 – TV
09 – Harvest
10 – Revolution?
11 – Limited Nuclear War
12 – God Bless America
13 – Looking At The World
14 – No Pity
15 – Jrs Friends / How Do You Feel
16 – Ghost Town
17 – High Time

MediaFire Zip of all files

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TSOL – Love Hall 6/5/82

TSOL from Love Hall, Philadelphia on 6/5/82
I wanted to get this up today since TSOL is opening for the Damned tonight at the TLA. They opened for Flag last year and were really good so I’m looking forward to seeing them again.
I will put up more info about this show later. Besides the songs from the show there is a great interview with Jack Grisham by Lenny Crunch and others, with a lot of info about the early days of TSOL.
Thanks Crunch Productions for the tape

Audio files

01 – Code Blue
02 – Funneral March
03/04 – Superficial Love / Property Is Theft
05 – 80 Times
06 – Triangle
07 – Man & Machine
08 – Peace Thru Power
09 – Weathered Statues
10 – Silent Scream
11 – Abolish Government/Silent Majority
12 – Die For Me
13 – Word Is
14 – Thoughts Of Yesterday
15/16 – Love Story/I’m Tired
17 – Dance With Me
18 – Sounds Of Laughter
19 – I Am The Bush
TSOL Interview

MediaFire Zip


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Dead Kennedys – Rutgers Camden NJ – April 20, 1985

Crunch Productions show with the Dead Kennedys from Rutgers Camden on April 20, 1985. Another show from within a year of my moving to Philly but at least I got to see them later at Blue Horizon. What a great lineup this show had – opening for the Dk’s was Articles of Faith, COC, Decontrol & FOD. At the time the largest independent punk show in the area Rutgers put the total attendance at 3,100.
Really Huge THANKS to Lenny Crunch for letting me transfer this video and put it up.

Audio files

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Jesus Lizard – 12/10/91 Khyber Philadelphia

Jesus Lizard from the Khyber December 10, 1991. Late 80’s into the early 90’s it seemed like they played the Khyber at least twice a year. I have no idea how many of those shows I made but probably almost all of them. Kind of bummed I didn’t make their reunion show a few years ago. Jesus Lizard was vocalist David Yow, bassist David Wm. Sims (Both from Scratch Acid), guitarist Duane Denison (Cargo Cult) and drummer Mac McNeilly
Jesus Lizard Touch & Go site

Audio files

01 – Lady Shoes
02 – Karpis
03 – Pop Song
04 – Chrome
05 – 7 vs 8
06 – Monkey Trick
07 – Wheelchair Epidemic
08 – Pastoral
09 – Then Comes Dudley
10 – If You Had Lips

MediaFire Zip

jesus lizard promo
jesus lizard promo

The Thirteen – Record Release Show

This is from the Thirteen record release party which was at Long in the Tooth Records in Center City Philly on Saturday June 29th 2013. I messed up and missed the beginning of the first song – sorry. (Bio stolen from their web site) The Thirteen play loud, raucous Rock ‘N’ Roll with plenty of melody and hooks. Think of all the bastard children of Chuck Berry from the Stones to the Faces to the Replacements on down and it will give you some approximation of what this power-pop trio is shooting for.

Back in 2007, the band was not much more than a studio project born of singer/songwriter Sal Cannestra’s desperate desire to make music again after relocating to Philadelphia. He met up with Figgs bassist and producer extraordinaire Pete Donnelly who offered to put together a band to help bring Sal’s songs to life. With the help of drummers Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains, Urge Overkill) and Matty Muir (U.S. Rails) as well as lead guitarist Joe Iacovella they recorded the band’s debut, The Secret History of the Thirteen.

But no self-respecting band stays in the studio forever and by the record’s release in Fall 2008, Joe and Sal wanted to bring these songs to the people. So they recruited kindred soul Peter Santa Maria (Jukebox Zeros) on bass and… well, let’s say a short succession of various drummers, and started playing shows around Philly. A few more personnel changes in 2011 left Sal the sole guitar play but also saw the addition of Jack Kontes (The Flyswatters) as the band’s first full-time drummer.

The Thirteen album cover

Summer 2012 found The Thirteen ready to record again. This time Peter handled the engineering himself and then placed the tracks in the hands of Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL, FLAG) for mixing and mastering. The resulting album, LIFT – OFF!, showcases 12 tunes brimming with garage rock urgency, laced with infectious riffs and more than its share of clever, heartfelt lyrics. The band will be playing up and down the east coast in support of this delicious slice of wax and look forward to winning over new friends every place they play.

More info on the Thirteen go to their site. To buy the album go to your local record store or here

Audio files

1. You Don’t Know [Just How Lucky You Are]
2. See You Around
3. Sweetie Honey
4. Me, You, and Him
5. Quest For The Crown
6. Semantics / Heart of the City (Nick Lowe / Rockpile cover)
7. Bobby and Rose
8. Steal That Song
9. Outta My Mind
10. Moped Ride
11. Go Away!
12. Handclaps and Tambourines

MediaFire Zip

The Bats – JC Dobbs & Khyber Philadelphia

Christchurch, New Zealand band The Bats have clocked ten incredible albums, released on vinyl, CD and digital; each record seeing them evolve with new material from the prolific songwriting hand of Robert Scott ( the Clean). Also featuring bassist/producer Paul Kean (Toy Love) lead guitarist Kaye Woodward and drummer Malcolm Grant

This post has Two Philly shows from the early 90’s  by the Bats  one is from JC Dobbs and the other is from Khyber.
Thanks to Rob Strong for figuring out song titles

Live – JC Dobbs 7/27/93

01 – Love Floats Two
02 – It’s a Lie
03 – Miss These Things
04 – Smoking Her Wings
05 – Block of Wood

MediaFire Zip

Live – Khyber Pass

01 – Valley Floor
02 – Fear of God
03 – Other Side of You
04 – Mastery
05 – Dancing as the Boat Goes Down
06 – Boogey Man
07 – Sighting the Sound
08 – Block of Wood
09 – Unknown
10 – It’s a Lie
12 – You Know We Shouldn’t
13 – Jetsam
14 – The Looming Past
15 – North By North

MediaFire Zip

Cop Shoot Cop – Khyber 1990 (91?)

Cop Shoot Cop from the Khyber in Philadelphia. The tape did not have a date on it but I’m guessing it was 90 or 91. Their initial line-up included Tod A. (vocals and high-end bass), James Coleman (sampler), Natz (low-end bass, occasional vocals), David Ouimet (sampler) and Phil Puleo (metal, drums). I saw them at least 2 or 3 times in Philly and they always but on a good show. Their early stuff was heavy industrial with heavy Bass, drums, metal and sampling. Later they started to remind my of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while still keeping their own sound. If you want to check out the early stuff go to Psychotic Leisure Music. Currently Todd A has a new band Firewater which has more international and eastern influences and is one of the funnest bands to see currently out there.
Check out Cop Shoot Cop web site

Audio files

01 – Low Com Denom
02 – Discount Rebellion
03 – Schweinhund
04 – Coldest Day of the Year
05 – Shes Like A Shot
06 – Feel Good
07 – Burn Your Bridges
08 – Cameleon Man
09 – Shine On Elizabeth
10 – Empire Collapse

MediaFire Zip

Helios Creed -4/90 Khyber Philadelphia

Helios Creed

Helios Creed from the Khyber April 1990. The video was dark with most of the lights only on the drummer but it’s pretty much the entire show. From his comments I guess this was the first time Helios played Philadelphia. bio: Helios Creed founded Chrome in San Francisco around 1977 with vocalist/drummer Damon Edge, guitarist John Lambdin and bassist Gary Spain. Over the following five years, Chrome explored punk and hardcore, with an increasing reliance on synthesizers, tape loops and samples from TV. The group broke up in 1982, and Creed was dormant for several years until his debut solo album, X-Rated Fairy Tales, appeared in 1985. Another dry spell endured until the end of the decade, when Superior Catholic was released on the Subterranean label. (Both albums were later reissued on one disc.) For his third album Last Laugh, Creed moved to the grunge imprint Amphetamine Reptile. He recorded Boxing the Clown, Kiss to the Brain and Lactating Purple for AmRep, but has also released albums through the industrial label Cleopatra — including Busting Through the Van Allan, Cosmic Assault and a self-titled album.
Check out Helios Creed’s web site


Helios Creed – 01 – Khyber 04/90

Audio files

Helios Creed – 01
Helios Creed – 02
Helios Creed – 03
Helios Creed – 04
Helios Creed – 05
Helios Creed – 06

MediaFire Zip

Guided By Voices – Two Shows June 23? & 24? 1994

Two Guided By Voices shows – here’s what I know for sure one is from the Khyber – the second is from New York.
The dates I have on the tape are June 23rd 1994 for Khyber and June 24, 1994 for New York. According to the GBV database and this flyer the New York show was on June 24th. According to Marc (thanks for the song titles as well): second NYC on is def Threadwaxing 1994.06.24: there is a Threadwaxing comp that features ‘Scientist’ and it’s the same version as he gives a little verbal intro that matches.
If you haven’t picked it up yet – go buy the New GBV album.

Audio files – Khyber Philadelphia 6-23-1994

01 A Salty Salute
02 Echoes Myron
03 Closer You Are
04 Non-Absorbing _ My Valuable Hunting Knife _ God Star For Robot Boy
05 Striped White Jets _ Shocker In Gloomtown
06 Drinker’s Peace _ Break Even.
07 Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
08 Postal Blowfish
09 Motor Away
10 Blimps Go 90.
11 Pimple Zoo
12 Quality of Armor
13 water rant _ I Am A Scientist
14 Tractor Rape Chain.
15 Cruise.wav
16 Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy

MediaFire Zip

Audio files – New York 6-24?-1994

01 Echoes Myron
02 My Valuable Hunting Knife / Non-Absorbing
03 Gold Star for Robot Boy
04 Striped White Jets / Shocker in Gloomtown
05 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
06 Motor Away
07 Blimps Go 90
08 My Impression Now_Some Drilling Implied
09 I Am A Scientist
10 Closer You Are
11 Postal Blowfish
12 Drinker’s Peace
13 Break Even / Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory

MediaFire Zip

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