Two Guided By Voices shows – here’s what I know for sure one is from the Khyber – the second is from New York.
The dates I have on the tape are June 23rd 1994 for Khyber and June 24, 1994 for New York. According to the GBV database and this flyer the New York show was on June 24th. According to Marc (thanks for the song titles as well): second NYC on is def Threadwaxing 1994.06.24: there is a Threadwaxing comp that features ‘Scientist’ and it’s the same version as he gives a little verbal intro that matches.
If you haven’t picked it up yet – go buy the New GBV album.

Audio files – Khyber Philadelphia 6-23-1994

01 A Salty Salute
02 Echoes Myron
03 Closer You Are
04 Non-Absorbing _ My Valuable Hunting Knife _ God Star For Robot Boy
05 Striped White Jets _ Shocker In Gloomtown
06 Drinker’s Peace _ Break Even.
07 Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
08 Postal Blowfish
09 Motor Away
10 Blimps Go 90.
11 Pimple Zoo
12 Quality of Armor
13 water rant _ I Am A Scientist
14 Tractor Rape Chain.
15 Cruise.wav
16 Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy

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Audio files – New York 6-24?-1994

01 Echoes Myron
02 My Valuable Hunting Knife / Non-Absorbing
03 Gold Star for Robot Boy
04 Striped White Jets / Shocker in Gloomtown
05 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
06 Motor Away
07 Blimps Go 90
08 My Impression Now_Some Drilling Implied
09 I Am A Scientist
10 Closer You Are
11 Postal Blowfish
12 Drinker’s Peace
13 Break Even / Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory

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