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Sebadoh – Live Princeton NJ 1993

This was one of the last live tapes I made with my walkman – it died shortly after this show. This was a show if I remember right that was at a WPRB dj’s house or parent’s house.
I’m not sure if I ever knew who’s house it was. We just pilled into a friends car and saw them in this strange setting of a upper middle class house in Princeton NJ. It’s pretty hard to hear the vocals but I wanted to put this up anyway. I hope the band doesn’t mind.

01 – Instrumental.mp3
02 – Unknown.mp3
03 – Soul and Fire.mp3
04 – 2 Years.mp3
05 – Beauty of the Ride.mp3
06 – Together Or Alone.mp3
07 – Unknown.mp3
08 – Not Too Amused.mp3
09 – Sister.mp3
10 – Riding (Palace).mp3
11 – License to Confuse.mp3
12 – Rebound.mp3
13 – The Freed Pig.mp3
14 – Dreams.mp3
15 – Homemade.mp3

MediaFire Zip of all files

Sebadoh – Khyber Philadelphia, PA

The tape of this show has no date on it – it just says Sebadoh & Khyber. So, I’m not really sure when it is from. My best guess would be around 1992 – 1994. I’m pretty sure this is the Sebadoh with Lou, Jason and Eric although I could be wrong. My clues are it is not the Kyhber show where the band had a fight on stage and Lou left. Also, the songs are all from up to Bubble and Scrape.
For more on Sebadoh go to
Just put updates to the song titles Thanks for the comments. Sorry you’ll have to rename the mp3 files yourself.

Audio files

1 – Wonderful Subdivision (Drunks With Guns)
2 – Cliche
3 – Everybody’s Been Burned
4 – Vampire
5 – Homemade
6 – Losercore
7 – Really Insane
8 – Soul And Fire
9 – Forced Love
10 – Junk Bonds
11 – Pink Moon (Nick Drake cover).
12 – Two Years Two Days
13 – Soul And Fire
14 – Mind Meld
15 – Think

MediaFire Zip

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