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F.O.D. (Flag Of Democracy) Videos

If you don’t know who F.O.D. are then I’m not sure how you got to this site. But just in case here is an article about them by Yoni from the Key.  This post has  two early videos one from the CEC and the other opening for the Dead Kennedys in Camden. Both videos are courtesy of the very much missed Lenny Crunch. Plus,  a slideshow of some show flyers below.

F.O.D. CEC Philadelphia 2/18/84

F.O.D. – Camden NJ April 20, 1985 (full show)

F.O.D. new and re-releases are on SRA Records

Their most recent album NO SCHOOL, NO CORE


Toxic Reason – CEC Philadelphia 4/13/84

Toxic Reasons from CEC on 4/13/84
Toxic Reasons live from the CE Center in West Philadelphia. Opening up for Charged GBH along with COC & YDI. They played a mix of songs of their first album Independence and their 2nd album Kill By Remote Control.
Thanks Crunch Productions for the tape

Audio files

01 – AM
02 – Mercernary
03 – Destroyer
04 – Stuck In A Rut
05 – War Hero
06 – Drunk And Disorderly
07 – White Noise
08 – TV
09 – Harvest
10 – Revolution?
11 – Limited Nuclear War
12 – God Bless America
13 – Looking At The World
14 – No Pity
15 – Jrs Friends / How Do You Feel
16 – Ghost Town
17 – High Time

MediaFire Zip of all files

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M-80’s – Live CEC Philly


The M-80s, a short lived project in 1985 with myself on bass, Chuck Treece (McRad) and John Gilmour (She Males) on guitar, Bobby Ray Williams (Executive Slacks) on drums and Keith Souder (now of Stones cover band Brown Sugar, his start in show business) on vox: Robyn of the great Initial Attack
Description and Photo stolen from Chuck although the Photo is Bill Rude’s skateboard
This video is M-80’s from the CEC in West Philly. Same CEC show where the video from Nobody’s Favorite and Decontrol on past posts was from..

Get the M-80’s demo at the Mace Canister Recordings Bandcamp page

Thanks as always to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes


MediaFire Zip of video audio

Government Issue – CEC Philadelphia

DC’s Government Issue from the CEC in West Philly – A rock against hunger show with Constraint (From Leigh Valley) and Electric Love Muffin. John Stabb mentions that the first song Mad At Myself is from their new album which would be The Fun Never Ends. I re-edited these videos using the GI Live Bootleg Series audio which was 100 times better than the audio from the video. The live audio is available on GI’s live Bootleg series
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Nobody’s Favorite

Nobody’s Favorite from the CEC in West Philly. I’m not sure when this show was since I can’t find a flyer for it but it was with M-80’s (who I also have some video of for later) and Decontrol (that video is already up). Thanks to Dave who was the singer for sending me a couple of emails with all this info and stories below: Nobody’s Favorite had Robbie Birch who was (Richie) decontrol’s guitar player’s brother in the band. Their bass player John (Wolfinger) went on to play and record with Decontrol until his death in 1990. Their drummer was Steve Malone, who was in the marching band in high school resulting in near perfect timing on his part. He would always raz me for mucking it up. At this show the stage monitors burned out early and we relied on the sound bouncing back from the back wall of the CEC. The video also reminded me ( Rob had a big NF on his shirt) of a show at the Crypt where four guys surrounded me on Walnut street because I had a NF logo on my sleeve and thought I was in the National Front. I was like, no no I’m no fascist as I pointed to a flyer on a pole, I’m with the band. They were about to beat the piss out of me, but we all had a good laugh about it in the end. After they broke up some of the band went on to form other bands including: White Trash and Crash Happy. Hopefully I will get some White Trash audio to put up at some point.

Worse Than Live! (1984) Tape

01. Hell House
02. I Dream Of Evel
03. Another Song
04. Only Way Out
05. Riled By A Nazi
06. G.I. Joe Was A Soldier
07. Missing In Action
08. Police Fun
09. Bite Your Head Off
10. Webwork
11. Life Is Always Life As Always
12. Zsa Zsa Gabor
13. Mall Rats
14. Christ Was A Commie
15. All About Ted
16. Thick Ankles Spoil Your Appearence
17. Our World
18. Warzone
19. Riled By A Nazi
20. Evel Jam

MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the demo tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Maximum Rocknroll #21 Review

Maximum Rocknroll #21

Video from CEC Philadelphia

Thanks as always to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Video Tracks & Audio files

1. Life is always life as always
2. Only way out
3. Thick ankles spoil your appearance
4. All about Ted
5. GI Joe was a soldier
6. Missing in action
7. Hell house
8. Why we die like dogs
9. Zsa Zsa Gabor
10. Webwork & I dream of Evel
11. Riled by a nazi
12. Off to war
13. Bite your head off
14. Energy level
15. Mall rats
16. Our world

MediaFire Zip

Constraint (LVHC) – CEC Philadelphia Feb. 23, 1985

This is Constraint opening a show at the CEC with Electric Love Muffin & Government Issue. I know I saw Constraint either in the Leigh Valley or in Philly but I didn’t have much info on them so here’s a guest commentary by Eric from easysubculture If anyone can fill in the song titles please add a comment.

They were from bethlehem. my best bud dave clewell was the singer. he was later in last cry, mugface, forthright, maddog surrender, etc. (check out maddog. pretty great) [see the FOE website for lots of LVHC bands]. They had the coolest punk logo of the day back then, wings and skull and peace sign that graphically stands the test of time, and was always painted on a sheet behind them. mike and rob the guitar and bassers were 2 pretty tough dudes you did not want to fuck with. ahhh, when punk = tough kids. total bad ass older kid bethlehem kids. I forgot how much i loved CONSTRAINT. they were tough dudes and totally bethlehem. i remember being so bummed i couldn’t roadie for them to this show. one of the buddy’s of the guitar and bass player, who were a few years older than me and dave (singer and mike (drummer) wanted to kick my ass over some punker comments i made and i had to lay low for a few months when they / he was around. but anyway and all that personal teen punk drama aside, they were the best LV band at that point (1984 – 1985). rob (bass) and mike were ovo-lacto vegetarians and peace punks but they were still bad ass and intimidating like punkers used to be. ‘do-gooders with a violent streak’.

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Audio files


MediaFire Zip

Electric Love Muffin – Live @ CEC

The Muffin live from the CEC in West Philly – A rock against hunger show with Constraint (From Leigh Valley) and Government Issue. This is the last video I have of them – As usual they put on a great show. Some time I will try to get the Constraint and GI video from this show up as well. I’m not sure I have anything else to say about Electric love Muffin since this is my third post on them. I did get asked if I had any video or audio of their cover of Highway Star and I think they started doing that after all the videos I have so if anyone has any more video or live audio please let me know.
Again there are a couple of songs I remember but I couldn’t figure out the titles. So, if anyone knows please let me know in the comments. Thanks

Thanks again to Pete at Drugmusic.com. for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – This Time I’m Gone
02 – American Family & Tomorrow’s Regrets
03 – ? & One Year Removed & I Should Have & ?
04 – I Don’t Mind & Look For Me
05 – NorwegianWood

MediaFire Zip

Decontrol – Live @ CEC in West Philly

Decontrol was born in 1980, started as a two-man hardcore outfit by Adam Avery. Adam played a combination guitar / bass along with a bass drum over original singer Zero’s caterwalling vocals. It was horrible, but soon became 100% better when Adam fired the other half of Decontrol and recruited the amazing skills of Ritchie Birch on guitar and Keith Lenderman on drums. Adam settled on bass and vocals. (stolen from their website)
These videos are from the CEC in West Philly I’m guessing from 84 or 85. Most of the songs from their album Songs from the Gut are here which by the way you can buy (along with lots of extra tracks) at cdbaby. Another Philly band that should be up there with all the legendary hardcore bands from the rest of the county. It’s amazing how a little thing like starting songs off with A-B-C-D instead of 1-2-3-4 can stand out so much but I’ve never heard another band do it and I will always identify it with Decontrol. The good news is if you missed them they are back together and working on a new album. I have to admit I have not seen them since the 80’s but I plan to make up for that next time they play a show in Philly. I have more Decontrol video I will try to get up at some point one is a show from AC opening for Toxic Reasons and the other is opening for Scream at the West Side Club.
If your on Facebook go to their page and “like” Below the videos are the audio tracks and a slide show of Decontrol flyers. As usual there were a couple of songs I wasn’t sure of the titles but hopefully someone will fill me in on it and I’ll update the post.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

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