Nobody’s Favorite from the CEC in West Philly. I’m not sure when this show was since I can’t find a flyer for it but it was with M-80’s (who I also have some video of for later) and Decontrol (that video is already up). Thanks to Dave who was the singer for sending me a couple of emails with all this info and stories below: Nobody’s Favorite had Robbie Birch who was (Richie) decontrol’s guitar player’s brother in the band. Their bass player John (Wolfinger) went on to play and record with Decontrol until his death in 1990. Their drummer was Steve Malone, who was in the marching band in high school resulting in near perfect timing on his part. He would always raz me for mucking it up. At this show the stage monitors burned out early and we relied on the sound bouncing back from the back wall of the CEC. The video also reminded me ( Rob had a big NF on his shirt) of a show at the Crypt where four guys surrounded me on Walnut street because I had a NF logo on my sleeve and thought I was in the National Front. I was like, no no I’m no fascist as I pointed to a flyer on a pole, I’m with the band. They were about to beat the piss out of me, but we all had a good laugh about it in the end. After they broke up some of the band went on to form other bands including: White Trash and Crash Happy. Hopefully I will get some White Trash audio to put up at some point.

Worse Than Live! (1984) Tape

01. Hell House
02. I Dream Of Evel
03. Another Song
04. Only Way Out
05. Riled By A Nazi
06. G.I. Joe Was A Soldier
07. Missing In Action
08. Police Fun
09. Bite Your Head Off
10. Webwork
11. Life Is Always Life As Always
12. Zsa Zsa Gabor
13. Mall Rats
14. Christ Was A Commie
15. All About Ted
16. Thick Ankles Spoil Your Appearence
17. Our World
18. Warzone
19. Riled By A Nazi
20. Evel Jam

MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the demo tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Maximum Rocknroll #21 Review

Maximum Rocknroll #21

Video from CEC Philadelphia

Thanks as always to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Video Tracks & Audio files

1. Life is always life as always
2. Only way out
3. Thick ankles spoil your appearance
4. All about Ted
5. GI Joe was a soldier
6. Missing in action
7. Hell house
8. Why we die like dogs
9. Zsa Zsa Gabor
10. Webwork & I dream of Evel
11. Riled by a nazi
12. Off to war
13. Bite your head off
14. Energy level
15. Mall rats
16. Our world

MediaFire Zip