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Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral formed in early 1993 with the lineup of Steve Tiberi (ex Meister Squad, Stinkbomben, Rotgut,) vocals, Bill Rude (ex Tons of Nuns,, Stinkbomben, Rotgut: future Bad Ronald; current The Koosmans) guitar/vocals, Bill Jones (ex Bottom Feeder) bass, Brian Sussman (ex Tons of Nuns, Stinkbomben: future Bad Ronald) drums. This lineup played its first show at Silk City in June 1993, having been booked as Kernel Mustard, changing the name to Rear Admiral before taking the stage. Six songs were recorded with Art DiFuria in late 1993; two released as ‘Up Y’Oars’ in 1994 on Black Hole Records; the other four released as ‘Chin Music’ in 1995, the only release on Bill’s Ahoy! label. Brian left shortly after these recordings were completed, replaced by Tommy Jerseycow (Stuntmen). The last show was opening up for the Cows at the Khyber Pass in April 1995. Bill, Brian (now on bass), and Tommy played one final show as Rear Admiral, opening up for Ruin at Upstairs at Nick’s in 1996.
Thanks Bill for all the info, flyers & reviews

Up Y'Oars front cover
Up Y'Oars back cover

Up Y’oars 7″

A1 – New Messiah.mp3
B1 – TV Screen.mp3

Chin Music front cover
Chin Music back cover

Chin Music 7″

A1 – Drive Me Crazy.mp3
A2 – Fix It Boy.mp3
B1 – One Man Riot.mp3
B2 – ( You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care.mp3

MediaFire Zip of both 7″s

Rotgut on the Radio

Rotgut live on WKDU in 1990 &  WFMU in 1991.
Thanks for the tapes – Bill & Jackie

Live on WKDU 1/23/90 – Jackie Zahn’s show

01 – Hellbent
02 – Quit the World
03 – Rotgut
04 – 65 at 22
05 – White Castle Sunrise
06 – Hit the Rond
07 – The Stooge
08 – Intermission
09 – No Way Home
10 – Trigger Happy
11 – Stiff Neck
12 – Ain’t Nothin to Do
13 – Outro
MediaFire Zip of all files

Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program

00 – Intro
01 – Rotgut
02 – Kill Your Boss
03 – Trigger Happy
04 – Smash TV
05 – Hell Bent
06 – Quit the World
07 – AWOL for Life
08 – White Castle Sunrise
09 – Catfight
10 – Drink Yourself to Death
11 – Fun and Games Attitude
12 – No Way Home
13 – Everyone’s an Asshole
14 – Stiff Neck
15 – Gas Chamber
16 – Steak Knife
17 – Outro
18 – AWOL for Life
MediaFire Zip of all files

Stinkbomben – Live on WKDU

Stinkbomben Live on WKDU – May 19, 1988 – We think it was on Jackie’s show and Produced by Diego.  Thanks for the tape  and pictures Bill
Stinkbomben was:
Steve Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rotgut, Rear Admiral) – Vocals,
Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Rotgut, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral), – guitar, vocals
Brian Sussman (Bad Ronald, Tons of Nuns) – bass,
Rockbottom Rob (Mothra, Blue Train, Rockula, Beretta 76, Creem Circus) – drums.

01 – Quiet the World
02 – Stinkbomben Theme
03 – Bread and Butter
03 – Brown Sugar
04 – I Dont Want to Go Down to the Basement
05 – Masocist
06 – Mongolode
07 – Disturbing the Police
08 – Desperate Dejects and Stones
09 – Keep Your Distance
10 – One Step Closer
11 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Bad Ronald

After a bunch of Philadelphia bands my friend Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Rotgut, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) was in a band based out of NYC called Bad Ronald (along with other Tons of Nuns, Stinkbomben, Rear Admiral  member Brian Sussman on bass) which was called “One of the greatest NYC bands that nobody knows but which everyone should know! – by Tony Autoharp Arena.

Recently they released an album that had not been released before as a benefit for Bob A. Lingus who had passed away.

“A year ago today our lives changed forever when we lost Bob. Giorgio and Brian had this pressed as a tribute to Bob, with all proceeds going to his children. Special thanks to Simona Prives for making the record look great and Deborah Suchman Zeolla for the great photos within, and Ellen Rosenholtz for taking these photos.”

“So here you go, 19 years after it was recorded. You can get this, plus this fabulous t-shirt, and in case you missed it the first time (apparently you did!) our two 7″s from the nineties right here at badronaldnyc.com

Please go check it out and if you can help out by buying some Bad Ronald music or shirts you won’t regret it.


Toni Farina took this photo. I think from the God Bullies show

Subtle, Like a brick through your window

I was good friends with the most of the members of Rotgut from before they started, which included 3 KDU DJs and 2 former roommates. I most have seen them at least a dozen or so times  and always had a good time. There is something about seeing bands that you are friends with that just makes it so much better.  It also doesn’t hurt that they played on the same bills will some great bands Alice Donut, God Bullies, Didjits, Blue, Immaculate Hearts just to name a few (see the flyers slideshow below)  I like Bill’s description of Rotgut being  of a cross between Angry Samoans and Black Flag. But judging by the varying descriptions in the  Rotgut Press Release you may have to make up your own mind on which bands to compare  them to. The Press release has lots of 7″ &  show reviews plus an FOE interview. The Original Lineup was Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rear Admiral) – Vocals, Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) – Guitars/Vocals, Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals (Stinkbomben), Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals (Futile Effort, Pulaski Skyway Kids, The Menegels), “sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums (Stinkbomben) . Before Greg, Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey was on bass. Later, Frank Campbell (Electric Love Muffin, Cave Canem) replaced Frank on Drums. Dan Mys replaced Stan Kemp on Guitar.
They released on 7″ called Peace Love and Sammy and were on the Rave Records comp Don’t Lick the Walls. Those songs as well as live on WFMU and other tracks from all the different lineups are collected here. (see the key below the collection for band and source info)  Thanks for the files, flyers etc  Bill



01 – Rotgut A / 1
02 – No Way Home A / 1
03 – Smash TV A / 2
04 – Hellbent A / 2
05 – Quit The World A / 2
06 – Kill Your Boss A / 3
07 – Awol For Life A / 2
08 – White Castle Sunrise A / 2
09 – Trigger Happy B / 4
10 – Drink Yourself To Death B / 4
11 – Catfight B / 4
12 – Fun and Games Attitude B / 4
13 – Everyone’s An Asshole C / 5
14 – Lap of Luxury C / 5
15 – Stiff Neck A / 2
16 – Gas Chamber A / 2
17 – Steak Knife A / 2
18 – Wasted C / 5
19 – King Richard C / 5
20 – Whiskey Brawl C / 6
21 – Rat Fucker C / 6
22 – Drive Thru C / 6
23 – Mr Soundman C / 6
24 – Kill Your Boss (alt) C / 5
25 – Quit the World (alt) D / 7
MediaFire Zip of all files


A. Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi – Vocals
Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude – Guitars/Vocals
Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals
Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals
“Sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums
B. Frank Campbell – Drums (replacing Frank Giraffe)
C. Dan Mys – Guitar (replacing Stan Kemp)
D. Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey – Bass (pre Greg Licht)

1. 7″ Potty Queen Records Produced by David Lowe March 1990 Released June 1990
2. Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program
3. Please Don’t Lick the Walls – Produced by David Lowe – December 1990 – February 1991
4. Demo recorded at Rave Records Summer 1991
5. Demo recorded at Temple Fall 1991
6. Demo recorded by Art Difuria Fall 1992
7. First Practice July 1989 – Ken Hinchey’s house Penndel, PA

Rot Gut @ The Trocadero 4 11 92

Songs: No Way Home & Fun And Games Attitude

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