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Sebadoh – Live Princeton NJ 1993

This was one of the last live tapes I made with my walkman – it died shortly after this show. This was a show if I remember right that was at a WPRB dj’s house or parent’s house.
I’m not sure if I ever knew who’s house it was. We just pilled into a friends car and saw them in this strange setting of a upper middle class house in Princeton NJ. It’s pretty hard to hear the vocals but I wanted to put this up anyway. I hope the band doesn’t mind.

01 – Instrumental.mp3
02 – Unknown.mp3
03 – Soul and Fire.mp3
04 – 2 Years.mp3
05 – Beauty of the Ride.mp3
06 – Together Or Alone.mp3
07 – Unknown.mp3
08 – Not Too Amused.mp3
09 – Sister.mp3
10 – Riding (Palace).mp3
11 – License to Confuse.mp3
12 – Rebound.mp3
13 – The Freed Pig.mp3
14 – Dreams.mp3
15 – Homemade.mp3

MediaFire Zip of all files

Sebadoh – Khyber Philadelphia, PA

The tape of this show has no date on it – it just says Sebadoh & Khyber. So, I’m not really sure when it is from. My best guess would be around 1992 – 1994. I’m pretty sure this is the Sebadoh with Lou, Jason and Eric although I could be wrong. My clues are it is not the Kyhber show where the band had a fight on stage and Lou left. Also, the songs are all from up to Bubble and Scrape.
For more on Sebadoh go to http://sebadoh.com.
Just put updates to the song titles Thanks for the comments. Sorry you’ll have to rename the mp3 files yourself.

Audio files

1 – Wonderful Subdivision (Drunks With Guns)
2 – Cliche
3 – Everybody’s Been Burned
4 – Vampire
5 – Homemade
6 – Losercore
7 – Really Insane
8 – Soul And Fire
9 – Forced Love
10 – Junk Bonds
11 – Pink Moon (Nick Drake cover).
12 – Two Years Two Days
13 – Soul And Fire
14 – Mind Meld
15 – Think

MediaFire Zip

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