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Butthole Surfers – Live from Chestnut Cabaret

3 different Butthole Surfers shows from the Chestnut Cabaret – the first is from one of Don Sheluga’s tapes (Thanks Don) and the other 2 were already up on archive.org
I missed some song titles if anyone can figure out the titles of the ones listed as unknown please let me know.

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 10-21-1989

01 – Unknown
02 – Revolution Part 2
03 – Unknown
04 – Hey
05 – Graveyard
06 – I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Rocky
10 – Gary Floyd
11 – Unknown
12 – Unknown
13 – Tp Parter
14 – Fast
15 – Unknown
16 – Unknown
17 – Sweet Loaf
18 – Booze- Tobacco- Dope- Pussy- Cars

MediaFire Zip of all files

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 11-22-1988

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 1992-06-17

The Dicks – Elk’s Lodge, Atlantic City

The Dicks from the Elk’s Center in Atlantic City. I don’t have a flyer for this one but I’m assuming it was the same summer as the other ones I posted so 1985. The Dicks and the Big Boys were my favorite of the Austin bands of the early 80’s. I never got to see either of them live but did see a lot of later bands (Sister Double Happiness, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkeywrench, Swine King, Scratch Acid) by members of both. They did a good mix of songs from all their releases in this set. Both sides of the Peace/War 7″ and both albums Kill From the Heart and These People. It looks like the only Dicks music available is the Alternative Tentacles comp 1980-86 It has songs from all their releases but I have no idea why they just didn’t put everything on the cd.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Dicks Hate Police
02 – Rich Daddy
03 – Hope You Get Drafted
04 – Doctor Daddy
05 – George Jackson
06 – Decent And Clean
07 – Off-Duty Sailor
08 – Executive Dive
09 – No Nazi sFriend
10 – Anti-Klan
11 – Sidewalk Begging
12 – Dead In A Motel Room
13 – No Fuckin’ War
14 – Little Boys Feet
15 – Marilyn Buck

MediaFire Zip

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