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Die Kreuzen – West Side Club Philadelphia

Die KreuzenDie Kreuzen Audio and Video from West Side Club Philadelphia
I wanted to get this up before the Philly Crosses show on Friday 10/14 -I will fill in the song titles later. If you are in Philly go see the Crosses on Friday at Beaumont Where?house

The Crosses

Not a reunion band!
The original frontman of DIE KREUZEN Dan Kubinski, with support from Dave LuckyLacquers (Guitar), Yossarian Scumdog (Bass) and Mike Olson (Drums), will be performing the first self titled Die Kreuzen LP front to back, ferociously, plus a few more Kreuzen extras and NEW MATERIAL!
Opening is:
Population Zero
total f*cking destruction
MACHINE GUN Philly hardcore inspired by 80’s hardcore
ZORN New Philly punk band with killer guitar riffs and intergalactic vocals — DO NOT MISS THIS BAND — the new best thing in Philly

Thanks Crunch Productions for the tape



Audio files

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
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Die Kreuzen – Number Three Videos

I always thought that The Mighty Die Kreuzen were Heavier than Black Sabbath & More Fierce than Minor Threat. When you were at one of their shows & they started to play, Your Soul was lifted Upward, Your Arms Raised & Your Whole Entire Body Swayed with the Intensity of a Tornado Swirling about & taking Whoever got in your Way with You into the Frenzied Pits of _______ .

When they played, it wasn’t a hardcore show, it wasn’t a rock concert, It was a Gathering of the DK Family to groove & support these Incredible Musicians, Friends & Brothers from the beer capital Milwaukee and we did gather. In Philadelphia, DC, NY, Atlantic City, Camden, You might think Deadheads were loyal but Die Kreuzen drew crowds who traveled thru whatever elements because we had to be there…

In July 1988 the band released Century Days & this song entitled Number Three was filmed live at J C Dobbs in Philadelphia. It was filmed & edited by the West Side Club. “From this view my thoughts are all so clear/ I’ll always be right here away from you” And now Number Three…… – Lenny Crunch


Die Keuzen – Number Three (Live audio Version)


DieKeuzen – Number Three (Recorded Audio Version)

Die Kreuzen – Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City Video

Die KreuzenDie Kreuzen from the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. Starts off with their cover of the Halloween movie theme. Then they played a mix of short fast stuff from their first self titled LP and a bunch of longer songs from my favorite Die Kreuzen album October File.
I remember seeing them at the Kennel Club around this time but it might have been 1986. Earlier I posted the audio from a much later Die Kreuzen show from the Khyber.
For all things Die Kreuzen go to: Counting Cracks

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Halloween
02 – Melt
03 – This Hope
04 – Counting Cracks
05 – Uncontrolled Passion
06 – Rumors
07 – Dirt And Decay
08 – There’s A Place
09 – Fighting
10 – Imagine A Light
11 – Sick People
12 – It’s Been So Long
13 – I’m Tired
14 – Man In The Trees
15 – Hear And Feel
16 – Cool Breeze (partial)

MediaFire Zip

Die Kreuzen @ Khyber Philadelphia

Die Kreuzen shirt 

I believe this live tape is probably the last time I saw Die Kreuzen. The tape I had did not have a date on it so I’m not exactly sure when the show happened. Guessing by the tracks it is probably either right before or after the album Cement came out. (It was February 08, 1992 – Thanks Marc) At one time I had a video tape of Die Kreuzen from JC Dobbs but I loaned it to someone and never got it back. Which sucks because it was a great show (If I ever find it I’ll put it up). Here are a couple of other sites that have some more Die Kreuzen goodies:
Counting Cracks & Symphony of Ghosts
UPDATE The song I didn’t know the title which is on the track with Gone Away is Continuous Dogs which was only ever studio recorded for a session they did in Seattle for a radio show. Thanks to Counting Cracks for the info.

Die Kreuzen -Live Khyber Philadelphia

01 Best Goodbye
02 Downtime
03 Gone Away and Continuous Dogs
04 Over And The Edge
05 Stomp
06 Deep Space_Holes
07 Counting Cracks
08 Wish_Big Bad Days
09 Shine
10 Elizabeth
11 Man In The Trees
12 All White

MediaFire Zip

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