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Die Kreuzen @ Khyber Philadelphia


I believe this live tape is probably the last time I saw Die Kreuzen. The tape I had did not have a date on it so I’m not exactly sure when the show happened. Guessing by the tracks it is probably either right before or after the album Cement came out. (It was February 08, 1992 – Thanks Marc) At one time I had a video tape of Die Kreuzen from JC Dobbs but I loaned it to someone and never got it back. Which sucks because it was a great show (If I ever find it I’ll put it up). Here are a couple of other sites that have some more Die Kreuzen goodies:
Counting Cracks & Symphony of Ghosts

UPDATE The song I didn’t know the title which is on the track with Gone Away is Continuous Dogs which was only ever studio recorded for a session they did in Seattle for a radio show. Thanks to Counting Cracks for the info.

Die Kreuzen -Live Khyber Philadelphia
01 Best Goodbye
02 Downtime
03 Gone Away and Continuous Dogs
04 Over And The Edge
05 Stomp
06 Deep Space_Holes
07 Counting Cracks
08 Wish_Big Bad Days
09 Shine
10 Elizabeth
11 Man In The Trees
12 All White
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I don’t have a flyer from this show but here is some other Die Kreuzen Flyers

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