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Toxic Reasons – Elk’s Lodge AC July 20, 1985

Toxic Reasons live video from Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City from July 20th 1985. The show was Toxic Reasons, Decontrol & Nobody’s Favorite. This is later then the Love Hall video I put up before. More songs from Kill By Remote Control & Within These Walls.
For more Toxic Reasons info go to this site.

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes


Video Tracks & Audio files

01 – Too Late
02 – ?
03 – No Way Out
04 – Limited Nuclear War
05 – All Known Confusion
06 – War Hero
07 – White Noise
08 – Then Came The Rain
09 – It’s So Silly
10 – ?
11 – Looking At The World
12 – Drunk & Disorderly
13 – Revolution
14 – ?
15 – ?
16 – ?
17 – Stuck In A Rut
18 – Noise Boys
19 – Destroyer
20 – ?
21 – ?
22 – Riot Squad

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Decontrol – Elk’s Lodge AC July 20, 1985

Decontrol live video from Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City from July 20th 1985. The show was Decontrol, Toxic Reasons & Nobody’s Favorite.Unfortunately I don’t have Nobody’s Favorite video from that show. Decontrol has a recent album Thoughts & Prayers or go get Songs from the Gut The Complete Collection
If your on Facebook go to their page and “like” the page
Below the videos are the audio tracks. As usual there is one song left I don’t have the title for  hopefully someone will fill me in on it and I’ll update the post.

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes and Dave thanks for filling in the song titles

Video Tracklist & Audio files

1 – Bunker
2 – Too Much Pressure
3 – Drunk Again
4 – What You Gonna Do
5 – Pillhead
6 – Death Wish
7 – ?
8 – Depraved Condition
9 – This Doomsday
10 – Philly Cops
11 – Hoiliday In New Jersey
12 – We Are All Prostitutes
13 – Fascists_Paint It Black
14 – Suburban War
15 – Dead Life
16 – Born To Be Wild
17 – Back From The Grave
18 – 1992
19 – Jack The Ripper
20 – Summertime Blues

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The Dicks – Elk’s Lodge, Atlantic City

The Dicks from the Elk’s Center in Atlantic City. I don’t have a flyer for this one but I’m assuming it was the same summer as the other ones I posted so 1985. The Dicks and the Big Boys were my favorite of the Austin bands of the early 80’s. I never got to see either of them live but did see a lot of later bands (Sister Double Happiness, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkeywrench, Swine King, Scratch Acid) by members of both. They did a good mix of songs from all their releases in this set. Both sides of the Peace/War 7″ and both albums Kill From the Heart and These People. It looks like the only Dicks music available is the Alternative Tentacles comp 1980-86 It has songs from all their releases but I have no idea why they just didn’t put everything on the cd.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Dicks Hate Police
02 – Rich Daddy
03 – Hope You Get Drafted
04 – Doctor Daddy
05 – George Jackson
06 – Decent And Clean
07 – Off-Duty Sailor
08 – Executive Dive
09 – No Nazi sFriend
10 – Anti-Klan
11 – Sidewalk Begging
12 – Dead In A Motel Room
13 – No Fuckin’ War
14 – Little Boys Feet
15 – Marilyn Buck

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Die Kreuzen – Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City Video

Die Kreuzen from the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. Starts off with their cover of the Halloween movie theme. Then they played a mix of short fast stuff from their first self titled LP and a bunch of longer songs from my favorite Die Kreuzen album October File.
I remember seeing them at the Kennel Club around this time but it might have been 1986. Earlier I posted the audio from a much later Die Kreuzen show from the Khyber.
For all things Die Kreuzen go to: Counting Cracks

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Halloween
02 – Melt
03 – This Hope
04 – Counting Cracks
05 – Uncontrolled Passion
06 – Rumors
07 – Dirt And Decay
08 – There’s A Place
09 – Fighting
10 – Imagine A Light
11 – Sick People
12 – It’s Been So Long
13 – I’m Tired
14 – Man In The Trees
15 – Hear And Feel
16 – Cool Breeze (partial)

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Dead Milkmen – Live

Elk’s Lodge Atlantic City 1985?

Dead Milkmen Live from the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. I don’t have much info on this show but I’m assuming it was in the summer of 1985. Lots of songs from their first albumBig Lizard in My Backyard plus a few from Eat Your Paisley . Around 1/3 into the video they do their big early hit Bitchin’ Camaro with what looks like most of the audience up on stage. The Dead Milkmen have reformed and have a new album out go to The Dead Milkmen Facebook Page to check it out.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Beach Song
02 – Tiny Town
03 – Laundromat Song
04 – Junkie
05 – Right Wing Pigeons From Outer Space
06 – Tarantula
07 – Dean’s Dream
08 – Serrated Edge
09 – Big Lizard
10 – V.F.W.
11 – Lucky
12 – Bitchin’ Camaro
13 – Take Me Apart
14 – Swampland Of Desire
15 – Two Feet Off The Ground
16 – Hangin’ Round
17 – SwordFish

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Chestnut Cabaret – June 5th, 1989

Thanks for the link to this billydee! For more of his live tapes go here

Articles Of Faith – Live Videos

Live @ Elk’s Lodge Atlantic City

Articles of Faith Live video from the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City on July 26, 1985. They headlined the show with Die Kreuzen and Electric Love Muffin opening. Wide range of songs from Up Against the Wall from the Peace Comp through Give Thanks and In This Life. I would guess this is probably there last tour since they broke up in 85. Articles of Faith are one of my favorite Chicago bands. Musically they had a unique sound and the lyrics were always great both the political stuff and they more personal In This Life lyrics. Hard to say because In This Life didn’t actually get released until 86 (two years after it was recorded) but I bet that album was a big influence on DC Revolution Summer bands like Rites Of Spring & Grey Matter. They recently got back together for a show at the Riot festival in Chicago. There is some video of the reunion on Youtube or on the I have A Brain in My Ass Blog. They also released a 7″ of new songs called New Normal Catastrophe which you can get here Plus Alternative Tentacles put out 2 collection cd’s which pretty much includes everything they recorded. There page on the Alternative Tentacles site is here (then select AOF from the dropdown)
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes and Crunch Productions for the amazing shows.

01 – Wheedle Dee
02 – I’ve Got Mine
03 – Acceptance &
04 – Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
05 – I Objectify
06 – In Your Suit
07 – In This Life
09 – Up Against The Wall
10 – Trains
11 – Give Thanks
12 – American Dreams
13 – Everyman For Himself
14 – Five O’ Clock
15 – Cambridge & False Security
16 – In This Jungle & What We Want Is Free
17 – Substitute

Articles of Faith – Live Northeast Philly

Earlier Philly show from a backyard in Norhteast Philly (Mike Bradley’s house) until it was stopped by the police

Articles of Faith Rutgers Camden NJ, April 20, 1985

Opening for Dead Kennedys Rutgers show.

Electric Love Muffin – Elk’s Lodge AC 7/26/85

Video from an Electric Love Muffin show at the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. The show was on July 26, 1985 and they were opening for Die Kreuzen and Articles of Faith. I was never at any of the Atlantic City shows but from what I’ve heard (and now watched) it looked like a good venue. Lenny and Crunch Productions always put on good shows. This video is from a bunch of videos I borrowed and converted from Betamax tapes from Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow So keep in mind this video was captured from a 25 year old Beta tape. I’m not sure if it the tape or the camera at the time put Rich gets kind of washed out when he is in the spotlight. Hopefully I got the song titles right besides their normal cover of Norwegian Wood – during a string break on Butch’s guitar they do Bad Moon Rising and the Who’s I don’t Mind. I’m not sure what the last song is it sounds familiar but I can’t figure it out. Also, here is an old zine article about touring with the Muffin from Free TNT zine

Audio Files

01 – Backstreet Ride
02 – 16 Years Old
03 – In Your Face
04 – Blackness That Could Be Blue
05 – 44 Ways
06 – This Time I’m Gone
07 – Tomorrows Regrets
08 – One Year Removed
09 – Bad Moon
10 – I Don’t Mind
11 – I Should Have
12 – Muffin March
13 – Norwegian Wood
14 ?

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