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Nirvana – JC Dobbs 10/1/91

White Trash  

Nirvana from JC Dobbs the last tour before they became big rock stars. Their third time at Dobbs from October 1st 1991 with the Melvins. I wish I had taped the Melvins but I unfortunately didn’t. It was a little weird to me that Nirvana became the big band at the time I was way more into Mudhoney and thought they would be huge. Shows what I know.

But one of the things I respected Nirvana allot was paying homage to the bands that influenced them. Having Pat Smear join as a 2nd guitar player and wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt on mTV are just a few examples. At this show they did a good mix of Nevermind, Bleach and other stuff. According to a site dedicated to Nirvana shows it was reported Kurt was feeling well so that may be why they didn’t do an encore.

Audio files

01 – Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam
02 – Drain You
03 – Aneurysm
04 – Floyd The Barber
05 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
06 – Polly
07 – About A Girl
08 – Sliver
09 – Come As You Are
10 – Blew
11 – Been A Son
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  1. shawn kilroy says:

    The Melvins did not actually play the show for some reason. Das Damen played instead. they blew. I bought the ticket because i wanted to see The Melvins. I liked Nirvana, but I wasn’t a HUGE fan. I was pretty bummed. we had to wait about an hour and a half between bands. when Kurt finally got on stage, Jamie Mahon called him a rock star. KC seemed to have a pretty shitty attitude. Dave Grohl was a monster. I’m glad i was there. probably the last small club date they ever did.

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