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Guided By Voices – Khyber 08/07/1993 Siltbreeze Show


Video from the first Guided By Voices show in Philadelphia. It was a Siltbreeze night at the Khyber with Temple of Bon Matin, Strapping Field Hands, Mike Rep, GBV and headlining was V3. I’ll put up the video from the other bands as I get it done. GBV along with Pavement where the two bands from the early 90’s that I thought had a really unique sound that I was really into.
From Wikipedia – New York City and Philadelphia were host to Guided by Voices’ return to the live stage (and first shows outside of Ohio) in 1993. At this time, the always-fluid Guided by Voices lineup coalesced around the core of Pollard, guitarists Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell (not to be confused with Jimi Hendrix’s drummer), bassist Dan Toohey, and drummer Kevin Fennell. Sprout, who was briefly featured in an early-’80s

version of the band, had re-joined circa Propeller and soon became Pollard’s primary musical foil, in addition to contributing several of his own songs to the band’s catalog.

The video was shot by Rich – Thanks to Mark Lux for the tape.


Audio files

01 – On The Tundra
02 – My Impression Now
03 – Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy
04 – Shocker In Gloomtown
05 – Expecting Brainchild
06 – Break Even
07 – Queen Of Cans And Jars
08 – Postal Blowfish
09 – Stabbing A Star
10 – Weed King
11 – Lethargy
12 – Tractor Rape Chain
13 – Non-Absorbing
14 – Some Drilling Implied
15 – Exit Flagger
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  1. bryan says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

  2. LARM says:

    They were the greatest band right out of the shoot. Incredible.

  3. Mary Garito says:

    This is so great. Thank you!

  4. Mary Garito says:

    They really are one of the best bands ever. This is great. Thank you!

  5. E-bike says:

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  6. gary says:

    thanks for this!!!!!!!

  7. justin says:

    awesome, I hope you get a chance to post the v-3 set

  8. jimmy pot says:

    thank you for this incredible piece of history.
    T H A N K Y O U***

  9. tomz says:

    Wow — talk about the rusty time machine! Thanks a million for posting all this. Love the part in “Stabbing” when Jimmy P. inexplicably walks onstage midsong … to grab a beer?

  10. Stephen says:

    Holy Crap! This is outstanding. I was there! What memories from college. Please post any Strapping Fieldhands footage if you have it.

  11. Jay Schwartz says:

    Are you certain this was the first GBV show in Philly? I see that makes this assertion also, but that doesn’t make it so. My memory is that their first show was a fairly low-key affair on a weeknight at the Khyber Pass, not the Siltbreeze night with all of those bands. The audience consisted of the few people who had heard PROPELLER in Philadelphia Record Exchange, and seemingly, several friends of the band who had tagged along. They had copies of many earlier records for sale at the show. I guess Jacy Webster or Tom Lax would know for sure.

  12. Homepage says:

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