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Legitimate Reason – Demo Tape


This is Legitimate Reason demo tape I’m guessing from 1986 or 1987? They also put out a 7″ on Plus Records that I know I had at one time but it is gone. They were a band that played it seemed like a lot of shows for a short time but also the members of the band seemed to be at every show, party, etc. I am trying to remember the bands they were in after Legitimate Reason but all that comes to mind

is I think Dan was also in Stepping Razor (famous for tagging every block in Philly with their graffiti) and now is playing mostly jazz. If I get more info on what the former members of this band did after or are doing currently I’ll update the post. Meanwhile below are the demo tracks which include a cover of Let it Be and the last untitled thing is not really a song just something that was on the end of the tape. There is a mediafire zip link if you want to get it all.

Audio files

A1 Stubborn Man
A2 Can’t Go Back
A3 Fool
A4 Killing Time
B2 Puppy Dick
B2 Something Inside
B3 Let It Be
B4 untitled
MediaFire Zip



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Sorry, the first reply got chopped off at the begining.

Hey There,

This is Grant the drummer for Legitimate Reason. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to post this stuff. I haven’t seen this stuff or listened to it in a very long time. I started the band in my father’s basement with Dan Dillon (bass) in North East Philly, Mayfair section. We went to high school together. Joe Gallagher (vocals) was a new friend of mine and seemed to fit the bill seeing as though there were no other Hardcore fans in the North East it seemed. We met Vince Feldman (lead guitar) on South Street. He and I started playing at his house out in the City Line area. My basement became our home base. As a side note, I sold Bruce from Pagan Babies my first drum kit after I upgraded and they held, I think it was there first if not one of their first practices in my basement on Cottage Street. Eventually, John Finn (rhythm guitar) another school mate got onboard. We did put things together fast and got out playing as many shows as we could. We burnt out fast. Vince and Joe had to concentrate more on college and we all moved on to other projects. Dan moved into a house in South Philly with Eric from Pagan Babies along with New York artist Steven Powers. I started playing with ska, rock, blues and experimental bands. Eventually Dan, Eric and I would form Groovy Monster and funk/jazz/heavy rock/everything experimental band that never really took off. I joined the Navy and am still here in Connecticut after getting out of the Navy. Dan manages a music store in the New Hope area I believe. Joe became a social worker. I haven’t talked him for 20 years. I’m not sure what John is up to. Vince is a very successful photographer and college professor. I install and maintain submarine periscopes. I missed the last Philly Hardcore reunion. If anyone knows when the next one is please put it out to as many of us “old scene” fans if you would. If you want more info, let me know. Hopefully I didn’t bore you with this but I got excited when I came across you site. My daughter has taken an interest in music history and we came across your sight while trying to satisfy her interest. Take care and thanks again.


Hi Grant,
Thanks for all the info that is exactly the kind of comments I was hoping for people telling stories about the bands, shows, etc.