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Electric Love Muffin – Live @ CEC


The Muffin live from the CEC in West Philly – A rock against hunger show with Constraint (From Leigh Valley) and Government Issue. This is the last video I have of them – As usual they put on a great show. Some time I will try to get the Constraint and GI video from this show up as well. I’m not sure I have anything else to say about Electric love Muffin since this is my third post on them. I did get asked if I had any video or audio of their cover of Highway Star and I think they started doing that after all the videos I have so if anyone has any more video or live audio please let me know.
Again there are a couple of songs I remember but I couldn’t figure out the titles. So, if anyone knows please let me know in the comments. Thanks

Thanks again to Pete at for the beta tapes



Electric Love Muffin (CEC) – 01-This Time I’m Gone


Electric Love Muffin (CEC) – 02-American Family & Tomorrow’s Regrets


Electric Love Muffin (CEC) – 03- & One Year Removed & I Should Have &


Electric Love Muffin (CEC) – 04-I Don’t Mind & Look For Me


Electric Love Muffin (CEC) – 05-Norwegian Wood


Audio files

01 – This Time I’m Gone
02 – American Family & Tomorrow’s Regrets
03 – ? & One Year Removed & I Should Have & ?
04 – I Don’t Mind & Look For Me
05 – NorwegianWood
MediaFire Zip

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