Video from a Ruin show at St. Mary’s on Jan. 25th 1986. Another one of the transfers off of Pete at’s old Beta Tapes. Hopefully this video will further show why Ruin was the best Philly band ever. It has a good mix of songs from He-Ho and Fiat Lux plus a few that were not on either album. I tried to clear up the video as much as I could I’m not sure if the reddish-pinkish color is from a red stage light or something that happens to old video tapes.
St Mary’s was a church on Penn’s campus in West Philly so every show there meant a before and/or after trip to Troy’s for some underage drinking and an Eggel. (see number 5) I was by there recently and the spot where Troy’s was is still empty.
All of these old tapes seem to have it. For more Ruin info check out: Ruin’s web page or facebook

Audio files

01 – Sounds Unheard
02 – Make Believe
03 – Baby Doll
04 – You
05 – Malcolm X
06 – Taster
07 – Master Song
08 – Great Divide
09 – Alter
10 – Play With Fire
11 – Dionysian
12 – Real Good Time
13 – One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
14 – White Rabbit

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