Video of a Sadistic Exploits show at Abe’s (I think.) The flyer has the same date as the video so I am assuming that this show was at Abe’s Steaks. It looks like it could be Abe’s I’m just not 100% sure. Sadistic Exploits is one of the Philly bands I really regret not being in Philly while they were around. I always loved the Freedom/Apathy 7″ and recently got that and more from Noise Addiction. From everything I’ve heard and you can see glimpses of in the video they were a great band that was also really supportive of other bands and the scene in general. Noise Addiction also has a couple pdf’s of some zines the band put out – click here for a link to the zines. Thanks to Bryan for filling me in on the song titles.

Audio files

01 – Beginnings
2 – Not Just Thinking
03 – Witch Hunt
4 – ?
05 – Apathy & Lonely End
06 – Auf Wiedersehen
7 – Made of Sand
8 – Hate Hate
9 – My Love
10 – Johnny B Goode
MediaFire Zip of all audio files