Girls Against Boys from the Khyber in 1992. It is mostly stuff from their first 2 releases Nineties vs Eighties & Tropic of Scorpio plus my favorite Venus Luxure No.1 Baby. They played the Khyber pretty regularly so I’m not sure this is the right flyer. I as usual could not come up with all the song titles if anyone can fill in the titles for the first two songs please add a comment.

A little info on them: The group began as a side project of Eli Janney and Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty. Canty left the project by 1990 due to his commitments with Fugazi. Janney went on to recruit three former members of D.C. hardcore punk group Soulside—Scott McCloud, Johnny Temple, and Alexis Fleisig—to complete the line-up.[1] Girls Against Boys are perhaps most notable for employing dual bass guitars, a rarity in rock music, and for their second album, Venus Luxure No.1 Baby, a heavy yet nuanced entry into early 1990s post-hardcore.
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Audio files

01 – ?
02 – ?
03 – Jaime
04 – Billy’s One Stop
05 – Kitty Yo
06 – Seven Seas
07 – Bughouse
08 – Go Be Delighted
09 – Wasting Away
10 – Everything I Do Costs Me $20
11 – My Night Of Pleasure

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