Philadelphia all-girl punk band from the late 80s – Band members were Anee Luv, Loreal, Phenie Phoenix and Elaine Insane.
This is their 5 song demo tape called House Party which came out in 1988. Plus I found a video of them live on Youtube from Bacchanal
Thanks for the tape Jackie

Trilogy of Terror

House Party Demo Tape

01 – What it is and What it Ain’t
02 – Volture of Deception
03 – My Trusty 10-Speed
04 – Naked Cowboy
05 – Hairdo From Hell

MediaFire Zip of all files

Live video from Bacchanal

Trilogy Of Terror (Anee Luv, Loreal, Phenie Phoenix and Elaine Insane), a Philadelphia all-girl punk band, performing their theme song “Trilogy Of Terror” at the now defunct Bacchanal club on South Street in Philadelphia, 1988.