Mothra easily had the best costumes and 7″ and cd packaging of any Philly bands. Often those kind of things have been used to make up for lets say a lack of talent. But not in the case of Mothra – they had the kitsch of Urge Overkill but musically with more of a 70’s hard rock thing rather than lounge sound. Starting as a three piece with Dan on guitar, Neil on bass & vocals and Rob (Beretta 76, Creem Circus, Blue Train, Rockula, Stinkbomben). Then later adding Chris Hunter (Red Paint People DTO) as a second guitarist.

Audio files

Mothra  – Fun With Felt cover

Fun With Felt 7″
01 – Part Of A Note
02 – Film School

Mothra Feelin' Effervescent ‎cover

Feelin Effervescent 7″
A1 – Almost Heaven
A2 – 14 Greatest
B1 – Let’s Start A Band

 The Karl Hendricks Trio / Mothra - Hooked On Hobbit ‎cover

Hooked On Hobbit Split 7″
Karl Hendricks Trio – Catch The Wind
Mothra – I Love My Shirt

7 inches MediaFire Zip

Mothra Leaning On The Fridge ‎ cover

Leaning On The Fridge cd
01 – Superhero Jim
02 – Sunshine
03 – Hard Candy
04 – I Love My Shirt
05 – Happy Motoring
06 – Hey Jon
07 – Gremlin
08 – 14 Greatest
09 – Part of a Note
10 – Kings and 100’s
11 – Leaning on the Fridge
MediaFire Zip