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Void – Live Videos From 1984


DC’s Void Live video Feb. 18th & 25th 1984. The video from the 18th is from the CEC in philly. The video from the 25th is from Rock Hotel in NYC. (Thanks Chris for the info and flyer). So, if anyone knows where this is from please let me know. The flyer I put up with it is from an older Love Hall show. The only Void stuff I knew about was the split with Faith. But this is later Void when they were one of the earlier hardcore bands to add metal influences. Allot of people compared later Void to COC (or argued which one was the first hardcore/metal crossover) Personally I don’t care who was first I just care about if it’s any good. Void had an album Potion For Bad Dreams they did for Touch & Go which has never been put out but you can find it here
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Void – CEC Philadelphia 2/18/84

Void – Live 2/25/84

Scream – West Side Club Philly 1986

ScreamThis was a great day first Decontrol & Scream at the West Side Club and then Marginal Man at the Kennel Club later that night. Scream did a bunch of songs from their first two albums plus lots of covers. I’m not sure exactly when this show was but I know it was Spring of 1986. I saw Scream a few more times after this but this was my favorite time – it was more like a party then a show. Scream are back together and doing some shows (hopefully they will do a tour) go to their site for more info.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Rock This House Groove
02 – Hippy hippy Shake
03 – Good Looking Corpse
04 – Go For A Spin
05 – Amerirockers
06 – What You Gonna Do With Your Life
07 –
08 – Bedlam
09 – It Came Without A Warning
10 – Zoo Closes At Dark
11 – Can’t Stop Screaming
12 – Every Time I Fall In Love
13 – Reignition (Bad Brains)
14 – Walking By Myself
15 – New Song
16 – Ultra Violence
18 – Magic Carpet Ride & Who Do You Love & Looking At You
19 – Bet You Never Thought
20 – Solidarity
21 – Something Else
22 – Teenage Head & 1970 & Basement Blitz (partial)

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