Scram - Stand Up

As I mentioned in my Electric Love Muffin post I don’t see anyway that I could ever see a band now as many times as I went to Scram and ELM shows. It seemed like Scram was on the bill for every all ages show in the mid to late-80’s. However, they didn’t just play all ages show they seemed to play every club in the city. One of the strangest (but amazing) shows was seeing them back up Schooly D at the Chestnut Cabaret. (Which might have been the first hip hop tours with a live backing bands- I’m not sure)
The things I’ve collected below are an early in studio recording from WXPN, their first album Stand Up and then Kingsessing Trials. The first two were Scram as a three piece with a heavy Reggae influence. By Kingsessing Trials they had added horns and additional musicians (I would put their names but I don’t actually have the cd case anymore.) Trails at times reminds me of Paul Weller’s Style Council. Also I put up some flyers at the bottom of the post. So, enjoy.
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Scram – Live on WXPN

01 – Intro
02 – Forward
03 – Our World
04 – Freedom
05 – Something To Cling To
06 – Here Tonight
07 – Fear

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Scram – Stand Up

01 – Here Tonight
02 – Freedom
03 – Our World
04 – Something To Cling To
05 – Just How Much
06 – Stand Up
07 – Imagine
08 – Move A Mountain
09 – Don’t Say A Word

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Scram – Kingsessing Trials

Kingsessing Trials

01 – Can’t Get Over It
02 – Forward, Onward
03 – Whose Side You’re On
04 – Power
05 – Piece of the Pie
06 – Passing Me By
07 – I 1 2 Thang Q
08 – Don’t Run Away
09 – Fire_
10 – Listen to Yo Momma
11 – Never the Same

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