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Vick Logic- Live on WKDU 12-16-1994

Vick Logic Cover

Vick Logic Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from December 1994. They were Marc Beck (Crankcase, Revelogic, Ken, etc) on Vocals, Guitar, extras / Jeff Warner (Strapping Field Hands, Crankcase, Amazing Thrill Show) on Bass & Percussion / Mikey Ritz on Guitar.  They were on the WKDU’s Scrapple 7″ box set.  The first song got cut off and the 2nd starts into the song. There was also an interview with Marina  after they played.
Enjoy the low-fi songs of yearning .

00 – intro
01 – unknown(cutoff)
02 – Animal High
03 – Weird Bird And The Preacherman
04 – Girl Crush
05 – Cranberry Wine
06 – Dorchester
07 – Shangri-Lall
08 – Library Card
09 – More Than Just Ice Cream
10 – Electric Farmer
11 – Outro

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Illegitimate Sons & Daughters – Live on WKDU

Illegitimate Sons & Daughters live on Marina’s WKDU show April, 29, 1994. Band members were Tater on vocals, fiddle, various other instruments / Shamus – Acoustic Guitar, / Cher on Mandolin / Sparkplug on bass drum / Miss Sophie on Banjo (missing that day was vocalist Miss Harriet.) Many of their alter egos, at the time, where taking care of your vhs or cheese crisp needs. As well as in many other past and present bands including Creem Circus, Wastoid, Double Penetration, Slobber Mountain Boys, Sinners, The Pine Barons, O Mighty Isis, Cactus Love & La Resistance.

01-The First One
02-Hot Corn
07-John Hardy
08-Nine Pound Hammer

MediaFire Zip of all files

Swisher – Live on WKDU

Sara Weaver

Sara Weaver’s band Swisher Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from April 07, 1999 also including an interview with the band.
“Hey, this is pretty nifty girl pop with an edge and still enough sweets and hooks to attract your wimpier BELLE & SEBASTIAN-loving younger sibling. The vocals have an almost old KRISTIN HERSH-like quality with music that’s more UK fuzzpop than Boston art-shamble. Hell, its even got that twangy guitar thing to get your older college-rock sister jumping. Hell, this is fun for the whole hipster family! Find myself digging this despite myself. Wimpy and squeaky-clean, but the most fun I’ve had in a while.”
-Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll

Very sadly Sara died from cancer in 2002. For more info and it looks like you can still purchase Swisher’s 2 cds – Go to the Weave wbesite

02-Plankton Boy
03-Compromice This
04-Gossip Bitch
07-Face Ache
08-Crazy Train

MediaFire Zip of all files

More Fiends – Live on WKDUi

More Fiends

I am in the process of digitizing a bunch of live on WKDU tapes from Marina – she had a lot of bands on her radio show in the 90s and mostly they have been un-shared until now. To start off  here is More Fiends live on WKDU from February 16, 1999.
I believe this is the last lineup for More Fiends (?) with  Allen Fiend = bass, Elizabeth Fiend = side guitar, Bob Fiend = guitar (currently in the Pogos), Dave Fiend = drums (ex Kitschchao, Belligerent)

02-Attack Of The Giant Squitos.mp3
04-Blind Mans Cane.mp3
06-Message Is The Same.mp3
07-Im A Believer.mp3
09-Yellow Spades.mp3
10-Pirate Song.mp3
11-Made To Propel Not to Inhale.mp3
13-Surfing the Lava Flow.mp3

MediaFire Zip of all files

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